List of Countries in Europe

As the world’s most densely populated continent, Europe is located in the northern hemisphere of the globe. It comprises a total area of ​​10,498,000 km2 and has a population of 744.7 million. The Russian Federation is the largest country in Europe with 17,075,400 km2 , and the most populous nation with 143.5 million residents. Next comes Germany with 357,120 km2 , and a population of 81.89 million.

Geographically, Europe is bordered to the north by the Arctic Glacial Ocean, to the east with the Ural Mountains, to the south with the Caspian and Black Seas and the Caucasus Mountains (natural boundaries between Europe and Asia), and with the Mediterranean Sea. See the following location map of Europe.

Map of European Countries

How Many Countries in Europe

As of 2020, there are 45 countries in the continent of Europe. There is great diversity between the sizes of each and we can find the small Vatican (0.44 km2), Monaco (0.44 km2), San Marino (61.2 km2), Liechtenstein (160 km2) and the Principality of Andorra (468 km2).

Transcontinental countries in Europe

The following five countries are located both in Europe and Asia. They are listed by population.

The island of Cyprus is part of Asia but politically belongs to Europe. The small island is occupied by Turkey and the United Kingdom, which still have military bases there. Part of the territory, the south, was admitted to the European Union in 2004. Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, from a geographical point of view, are countries belonging to the Asian continent. They are located in the Caucasus region, and considered transcontinental countries. Azerbaijan and Georgia border Russia (European part), the former being a member of the Council of Europe since 25 January 2001.

Alphabetical List of All Countries in Europe

In summary, there are a total of 45 independent nations and 6 dependent territories in Europe. See the following for full list of European countries in alphabetical order:

# Flag Country Name Population Official Name
1 Albania Flag Albania 2,877,808 Republic of Albania
2 Andorra Flag Andorra 77,276 Principality of Andorra
3 Austria Flag Austria 9,006,409 Republic of Austria
4 Belarus Flag Belarus 9,449,334 Republic of Belarus
5 Belgium Flag Belgium 11,589,634 Kingdom of Belgium
6 Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag Bosnia and Herzegovina 3,280,830 Bosnia and Herzegovina
7 Bulgaria Flag Bulgaria 6,948,456 Republic of Bulgaria
8 Croatia Flag Croatia 4,105,278 Republic of Croatia
9 Czech Republic Flag Czech Republic 10,708,992 Czech Republic
10 Denmark Flag Denmark 5,792,213 Kingdom of Denmark
11 Estonia Flag Estonia 1,326,546 Republic of Estonia
12 Finland Flag Finland 5,540,731 Republic of Finland
13 France Flag France 65,273,522 French Republic
14 Germany Flag Germany 83,783,953 Federal Republic of Germany
15 Greece Flag Greece 10,423,065 Hellenic Republic
16 Holy See Flag Holy See 812 Holy See
17 Hungary Flag Hungary 9,660,362 Hungary
18 Iceland Flag Iceland 341,254 Republic of Iceland
19 Ireland Flag Ireland 4,937,797 Ireland
20 Italy Flag Italy 60,461,837 Republic of Italy
21 Latvia Flag Latvia 1,886,209 Republic of Latvia
22 Liechtenstein Flag Liechtenstein 38,139 Liechtenstein
23 Lithuania Flag Lithuania 2,722,300 Republic of Lithuania
24 Luxembourg Flag Luxembourg 625,989 Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
25 Malta Flag Malta 441,554 Republic of Malta
26 Moldova Flag Moldova 4,033,974 Republic of Moldova
27 Monaco Flag Monaco 39,253 Principality of Monaco
28 Montenegro Flag Montenegro 628,077 Montenegro
29 Netherlands Flag Netherlands 17,134,883 Kingdom of the Netherlands
30 North Macedonia Flag North Macedonia 2,022,558 Republic of North Macedonia
31 Norway Flag Norway 5,421,252 Kingdom of Norway
32 Poland Flag Poland 37,846,622 Republic of Poland
33 Portugal Flag Portugal 10,196,720 Portuguese Republic
34 Romania Flag Romania 19,237,702 Romania
35 Russia Flag Russia 145,934,473 Russian Federation
36 San Marino Flag San Marino 33,942 Republic of San Marino
37 Serbia Flag Serbia 8,737,382 Republic of Serbia
38 Slovakia Flag Slovakia 5,459,653 Slovak Republic
39 Slovenia Flag Slovenia 2,078,949 Republic of Slovenia
40 Spain Flag Spain 46,754,789 Kingdom of Spain
41 Sweden Flag Sweden 10,099,276 Kingdom of Sweden
42 Switzerland Flag Switzerland 8,654,633 Swiss Confederation
43 Turkey Flag Turkey 84,339,078 Republic of Turkey
44 Ukraine Flag Ukraine 43,733,773 Ukraine
45 United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom 67,886,022 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

European Union

The European Union (EU) is an economic and political bloc whose main objective is to maintain peace on the European continent through economic, social and cultural programs. Of all European countries, 28 countries participate in the European Union. Click to see the list of all countries in Europe Union.

Map of Countries in Europe

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