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United States, United States of America, State of North America; 9.52 million km2 (of which 0.5 million km2 water), 327.2 million residents (2019).The United States consists of 50 states along with the Federal District of Columbia. A number of areas in America and Oceania are linked to the United States in different ways and with varying forms of self-government. Largest is Puerto Rico, which, like the US Virgin Islands, is located in the Caribbean. Most important in Oceania are Guam and American Samoa. The capital is Washington DC (672,200 residents, 2015).

United States Country Flag

50 States of the Country

In the table below, you can see all the 50 states and capital city of Washington D.C. By clicking the link below, you will see lists of all counties, cities, and towns in each state.

Country facts

  • United States of America / United States of America
  • Country abbreviation: US
  • Area: 9.52 million km2
  • Population (2019): 327.2 million residents
  • Capital: Washington DC
  • Main language: English
  • State: Republic
  • Head of State and Head of Government: Donald Trump
  • Per capita GDP (2018): US $ 62,641
  • GNI per capita (2018): US $ 62,850
  • Currency unit: $ 1 = 100 cents
  • Currency code: USD
  • Country number (telephony): 1
  • Internet Domain Name: us
  • Time difference compared to Sweden: −6 to −11
  • National Day: July 4 (Declaration of Independence adopted, 1776)


  • Land use: forest (30%), agricultural land (20%), other (50%)
  • Highest mountain: Denali (Mount McKinley, 6,194 m above sea level)
  • Longest river: Mississippi River (6,019 km)


  • Population density (2019): 34 residents per km2
  • Natural population growth (2019): 0.3%; birth rate 12 ‰, death rate 9 ‰
  • Age structure (2019): 0-14 years (19%), 15-64 (65%), 65- (16%)
  • Average life expectancy (2019): men 76 years, women 81 years
  • Infant mortality (2019): 6 per 1,000 live births
  • Population forecast 2050: 388 million residents
  • HDI (2017): 0.924 (place 13 of 189)
  • Urbanization rate (2019): 82%
  • Most populous cities (2016): New York (8.6 million residents), Los Angeles (4.0 million), Chicago (2.7 million)


  • Industry’s contribution to GDP (2017): agriculture (1%), industry (19%), service (80%)
  • Exports of goods (2017): US $ 1,553,000
  • Main export products: means of transport, chemical products, foodstuffs
  • Main exporting countries: Canada, Mexico, China
  • Imports of goods (2017): USD 2 361 000 million
  • Main import products: industrial products, oil, electronic products, vehicles
  • Main importing countries: China, Mexico, Canada
  • Railway network (2014): 293 600 km

The body of the US topography is an older mountain range along the eastern side, the Appalachians, and a younger one along the west, the Cordillaries, where the Rocky Mountains are included, and a large and low area in between, where the Mississippi River with tributaries, primarily the Missouri River and the Ohio River, is a central life-nerve. Farthest south and east are the coastal plain that reaches up to 800 km wide along the Gulf of Mexico and includes the entire Florida peninsula. Inland plains reach from the coastal plain in the south to Canada and the Great Lakes in the north. Within such an extensive area as the United States, there are several different types of climate. The lack of large mountain ranges in the east – west direction means that the continental character of the climate is strengthened as warm air masses penetrate far north in summer and cold far south in winter. It’s just the Pacific coast,

According to the constitution, the executive power is exercised by the president and his government. The president is elected for four years. The president is both the head of state and the head of government and has very extensive powers. The legislative function resides with Congress, which consists of two chambers: the Senate, with a term of six years, and the House of Representatives, whose members are elected every two years. A number of areas in America and Oceania are linked to the United States in different ways and with varying forms of self-government.

Large natural resources and a very diverse business community have made the United States the world’s leading economic superpower. Characteristic of the US business is the presence of a number of very large companies and groups. They are often multinational in nature and can operate in several sectors simultaneously.

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United States Map

United States Map

U.S. Territories

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