Countries in Northern Africa

How Many Nations in Northern Africa

Located in north part of Africa, Northern Africa is composed of countries. Here is an alphabetical list of all countries in North Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, South Sudan, and Tunisia.

1. Algeria

Algeria is a country in North Africa and on the surface the largest country in Africa and borders Tunisia, Libya, Niger, Mali, Morocco and Mauritania. The capital of Algeria is called Algiers and the official language is Arabic.

Algeria National Flag
  • Capital: Algiers
  • Area: 2,381,740 km 2
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Algerian Dinar

2. Egypt

Egypt is a republic in eastern North Africa on the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Egypt borders the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Gaza Strip and Israel to the northeast, the Red Sea to the east, Sudan to the south and Libya to the west. About 80% of Egypt’s residents live near the great river Nile.

Egypt National Flag
  • Capital: Cairo
  • Area: 1,001,450 km 2
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Egyptian Pound

3. Libya

Libya, formally The state of Libya is a state in North Africa. Libya is located between Egypt in the east, Sudan in the southeast, Chad and Niger in the south, Algeria and Tunisia in the west and the Mediterranean Sea in the north with the island of Malta as the nearest country.

  • Capital: Tripoli
  • Area: 1,759,540 km 2
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Dinar

4. Morocco

Morocco, formally the Kingdom of Morocco is a country in western North Africa. It is one of the northernmost countries in Africa. The country borders Algeria, Western Sahara, Spain and the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

Morocco National Flag
  • Capital: Rabat
  • Area: 446,550 km 2
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Dirham

5. Sudan

Sudan, formally the Republic of Sudan, sometimes called North Sudan, is a country in North Africa, which is often also considered part of the Middle East.

Sudan National Flag
  • Capital: Khartoum
  • Area: 1,861,484 km 2
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Sudanese Pound

6. South Sudan

South Sudan, formally the Republic of South Sudan, is a state in East Africa. South Sudan borders Sudan to the north, Uganda, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the south, Ethiopia to the east and the Central African Republic to the west. The nation was formed in 2011 by breakaway from Sudan.

South Sudan Country Flag
  • Capital: Juba
  • Area: 644,329 km 2
  • Languages: English and Arabic
  • Currency: South Sudanese Pound

7. Tunisia

Tunisia, formally the Republic of Tunisia is a state in North Africa, on the southern coast of the Mediterranean. The country borders Algeria to the west and Libya to the southeast.

Tunisia National Flag
  • Capital: Tunis
  • Area: 163,610 km 2
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Tunisian Dinar

Countries in Northern Africa by Population and Their Capitals

As noted above, there are seven independent countries in the Northern Africa. Among them, the largest country is Egypt and the smallest one is Libya in term of population. The full list of Northern African countries with capitals is shown in the table below, ranked by latest total population.

Rank Country Population Land Area (km²) Capital
1 Egypt 98,839,800 995,450 Cairo
2 Algeria 43,378,027 2,381,741 Algiers
3 Sudan 41,617,956 1,861,484 Juba
4 Morocco 35,053,200 446,300 Rabat
5 Tunisia 11,551,448 155,360 Tunis
6 South Sudan 12,778,239 619,745 Juba
7 Libya 6,777,452 1,759,540 Tripoli

Map of North African Countries

Map of North African Countries

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