Countries that Start with Z


Zambia is a republic in southern Africa. The country is surrounded by Angola, Congo (Democratic), Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. The landscape consists mostly of a flat plateau with savannah, river valleys and river plains. Centrally in the country and towards the N there are high ridge. The Zambezi River flows through the western part of the country.

The climate is tropical. Rainy season October-April.

There are large deposits of copper, which is the most important export product. Agriculture is the most important profession. In particular, manioc, corn, rice, vegetables and millet are grown for self-sufficiency as well as tobacco, coffee and cotton for export.

Zambia became independent in 1964. The country is very poor and there are major social and economic differences.


Zimbabwe is a republic in southern Africa. The landscape consists of upland and forest savanna centrally in the country, mountains in the island, highland plains with grass savannah towards S and N as well as lowland and semi-desert furthest to the SE.

The climate is temperate in the highlands and tropical in the lowlands. There is rainy season from November to March.

The country’s most important natural resources are coal, gold, asbestos, iron, nickel, copper, silver, cobalt, tin and chrome. Agriculture is the most important profession. Cattle are kept and maize, wheat, millet, peanuts, vegetables, tobacco, coffee, sugar and cotton are grown.

Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980. The country is characterized by economic crisis and political turmoil.

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