List of Countries in Asia

As the world’s largest and most populous continent, Asia has an area of 44,579,000 square kilometers which represents 29.4 percent of the Earth’s land area. With population of around 4.46 billion (2020), Asia constitutes about 60 percent of the world’s population.¬†Politically, Asia is often divided into 6 regions: North Asia, Central Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and West Asia.

How Many Countries in Asia

As of 2020, Asia consists of 48 countries, of which two (Turkey and Russia) are also located in Europe. Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia can also be considered to be located in both continents.

6 Regions of Asia

The largest country in Asia is China, followed by India. And the smallest is the Maldives.

Location Map of Asia

Map of Asian Countries

Alphabetical List of All Countries in Asia

The following table lists 48 independent nations in Asia in alphabetical order. Hong Kong and Macao are two special cities of China. Taiwan, formerly known as Republic of China, is now widely recognized as a province of China.

# Country Name Official Name Independence Date
1 Afghanistan Islamic Republic of Afghanistan 1919/8/19
2 Armenia Republic of Armenia 1991/9/21
3 Azerbaijan Republic of Azerbaijan 1991/10/18
4 Bahrain Kingdom of Bahrain 1971/12/16
5 Bangladesh People’s Republic of Bangladesh 1971/3/26
6 Bhutan Kingdom of Bhutan
7 Brunei Brunei Darussalam 1984/1/1
8 Burma (Myanmar) Republic of the Union of Myanmar 1948/1/4
9 Cambodia Kingdom of Cambodia 1953/11/9
10 China People’s Republic of China 1949/10/1
11 Cyprus Republic of Cyprus 1960/10/1
12 Georgia Georgia 1991/4/9
13 India Republic of India 1947/8/15
14 Indonesia Republic of Indonesia 1945/8/17
15 Iran Islamic Republic of Iran 1979/4/1
16 Iraq Republic of Iraq 1932/10/3
17 Israel State of Israel 1905/5/1
18 Japan Japan
19 Jordan Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan 1946/5/25
20 Kazakhstan Republic of Kazakhstan 1991/12/16
21 Kuwait State of Kuwait 1961/2/25
22 Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Republic 1991/8/31
23 Laos Lao People’s Democratic Republic 1953/10/22
24 Lebanon Lebanese Republic 1943/11/22
25 Malaysia Malaysia 1957/8/31
26 Maldives Republic of Maldives 1965/7/26
27 Mongolia Mongolia 1911/12/29
28 Nepal Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
29 North Korea Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 1945/8/15
30 Oman Sultanate of Oman 1650/11/18
31 Pakistan Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1947/8/14
32 Palestine
33 Philippines Republic of the Philippines 1898/6/12
34 Qatar State of Qatar 1971/12/18
35 Saudi Arabia Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
36 Singapore Republic of Singapore 1965/8/9
37 South Korea Republic of Korea 1945/8/15
38 Sri Lanka Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka 1948/2/4
39 Syria Syrian Arab Republic 1946/4/17
40 Tajikistan Republic of Tajikistan 1991/9/9
41 Thailand Kingdom of Thailand
42 Timor-Leste Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste 2002/5/20
43 Turkey Republic of Turkey
44 Turkmenistan Turkmenistan 1991/10/27
45 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 1971/12/2
46 Uzbekistan Republic of Uzbekistan 1991/9/1
47 Vietnam Socialist Republic of Viet Nam 1945/9/2
48 Yemen Republic of Yemen 1967/11/30

Facts about Asia Continent

  • Asia contains most of the Earth’s deserts: from Arabia (Saudi Arabia), Syria, Thal (Pakistan), Thar (or Great Indian Desert), Lut (or Desert of Iran), Gobi (Mongolia), Taklamakan (China), Karakum (Turkmenistan), Kerman (Iran), Judea (Israel), Negev.
  • Asia contains 11 time zones.
  • Asians were also the inventors of paper, gunpowder, compass and printing press.
  • Asia’s main trading blocs are: Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Asia-Europe Economic Meeting, Association of Southeast Asian Countries (ASEAN), Closer Economic and Trade Relations Agreements (China with Hong Kong and with Macao), Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC).
  • The so-called “Asian Tigers” (South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong) are the largest economic and financial powers of the continent.
  • On the Asian continent, the urban population is 40% while the rural population is 60%.
  • Asia has 48 independent countries.
  • The main religions of the Asian continent are: Muslims (21.9%) and Hinduists (21.5%).

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