Syria Overview

Country Profile

Syria is located in the western Asian continent and is also known as the Syrian Arab Republic or the north country. Covering an area of 185,180 square km, including the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights of 1,200 square km, its population is l755 million, of which 80% are Arabs, with the rest Kurds, Armenians, and so on. Residents are Muslim. The languages are Mandarin, English, and French. The currency is the Syrian pound. The capital is Damascus (dimashq).

Syria National Flag

Flag has three stripes, red, white, and black from the top down. In the middle there are two green, five-pointed stars. Red symbolizes courage, white symbolizes clean lines and generosity, and black symbolizes the victory of Mohammed. The stars are a symbol of revolution, while green is the favorite color of Mohammed’s descendants.

Syria Country Flag

History Summary

In 3000 BC, the original Syrian city-state existed . After the eighth century BC, the Assyrian Empire, Macedonia, Roman Empire, Arab Empire, the European Crusaders, Ma Mu Luke dynasty of Egypt, and the Ottoman Empire occupied or dominated Syria. In 1920, Syria was reduced to a French mandated territory. On September 27, 1941, the Commander-in-Chief of the “Free French Forces,” General to AU Wai Jia Delu announced Syrian independence. In August 1945, Syria set up their own government. On April 17, 1943, Britain and France were forced to withdraw. On February 1, 1958, Syria and Egypt announced the formation of the United Arab Republic. On September 28, 1961, Syria announced the establishment of the Syrian Arab Republic out of the United Arab Republic.

Economy and Culture Overview

Syria’s economy is predominantly agricultural, growing wheat, cotton, sugar beets, olives, and beans. Cotton is the primary export. Major industries are refining, mining, textiles, food, and utilities. Arts and crafts have a long history and a unique style. Hand-woven, soft and fine silk is among the fine arts and crafts. Mosaics are another well-known tradition, with inlays of shell, silver, and gold.

Syrian men spend their spare time frequenting cafes, enjoying a hookah, a pipe on a big stand, with the cigarette holder and pipe connected with a long tube.
In some parts of Syria, the bride and groom come to the house where others stick a blade of grass to the door with yeast, wishing them a happy marriage.


The famous ancient city with an ancient reputation as a “paradise city.” On the right bank of a river, the city was built around 2000 BC. The city has 250 mosques, of which the most famous was the Umayyad Mosque, built in 705 BC. Located in the central old city, it is a world-famous ancient Islamic building. There are three towering minarets on behalf of the Islamic architectural styles of each period. Damascus is also an important stop on the ancient Silk Road.

Syria Map

Syria Map

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