Flags of Countries that Start with V

How many countries beginning with V? There are a total of 3 countries starting with letter V among the 193 countries in the world:

  1. Vanuatu
  2. Venezuela
  3. Vietnam


Venezuela Country Flag

Venezuela is a federal republic in the north of South America. The country has a coastline facing the Caribbean Sea and the northern Atlantic. Venezuela borders Colombia, Brazil and Guyana. The landscape consists of mountains, lowlands, highlands, savanna, bush steppes, mangrove swamps and rainforest.

The climate is predominantly tropical, though more temperate in the heights.

The country’s most important natural resources are oil, natural gas, iron, gold, diamonds, copper, bauxite, zinc, coal, nickel and hydropower. The main agricultural products are cattle, coffee, cocoa, cotton, rice, sugar cane, corn, beans and bananas. The export of oil is essential for the country’s economy.

Venezuela was a Spanish colony until the country gained independence in 1821. The country is characterized by political turmoil.

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Vietnam Country Flag

Vietnam is a republic in SE Asia. The country has a coastline to the South China Sea towards S and Island, land borders to Laos and Cambodia to V and China to N.

The climate is tropical to subtropical with rainy season from May to October. Hurricanes and floods occur.

Agriculture is the most important profession. Rice, coffee, rubber, peanuts, tobacco, cassava, cassava, corn, sugar cane, tea, soybeans and coconuts are mainly grown. Fishing and tourism are also significant professions. Oil, hydroelectric, bauxite, coal, manganese, chromium and phosphate are important natural resources.

Vietnam is a former French colony. The country was occupied by Japan during World War II, after which Vietnam was divided into two states. War between South and North Vietnam 1955-1975. Vietnam was reunited in 1976.

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Vanuatu Country Flag

Vanuatu is a republic and archipelago in the southwestern Pacific. The archipelago consists of about 80 islands that form a y-shaped chain. Most of the islands are mountainous and of volcanic origin with narrow coastlines and rainforest. The islands are surrounded by coral reefs.

The climate is tropical and rainy and volcanic eruptions and earthquakes can occur.

A significant part of the workforce is employed in agriculture. Yams, taro, cassava and bananas are grown for self-sufficiency as well as copra, coffee and cocoa for export. Fisheries, forestry, animal husbandry, tourism and offshore banking are also important occupations.

Vanuatu was under Franco-British joint rule from 1906 to 1980, when the country became independent. Vanuatu is characterized by political instability.

Flags of countries beginning with V

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