Countries in Western Asia

How Many Countries in Western Asia

As a region of Asia, Western Asia is composed of 19 independent countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Cyprus, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen). Also called the Middle East, East Asia has the following 19 countries:

1. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, formally the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a kingdom located on the Arabian Peninsula in southwest Asia. The country borders Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, the Persian Gulf, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen and the Red Sea.

Saudi Arabia National Flag
  • Capital: Riyadh
  • Area: 2,149,690 km²
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Rial

2. Armenia

Armenia is a republic in the South Caucasus in West Asia. Armenia is a landlocked state bordering Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran. Geographically, Armenia is often considered to be in Asia, but the country’s political and cultural ties to Europe mean that it is often included among European countries. Armenian is the official language of the country and more than 3 million people live in Armenia.

Armenia National Flag
  • Capital: Yerevan
  • Area: 29,740 km²
  • Language: Armeniol
  • Currency: Dram

3. Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a republic in the southeastern Caucasus that is geographically located mostly in Asia but with a small strip of land in Europe. The UN counts Azerbaijan as a West Asian country but is politically counted as European. There are about 9.4 million people living in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan National Flag
  • Capital: Baku
  • Area: 86,600 km²
  • Language: Azerbaijani
  • Currency: Manat

4. Bahrain

Bahrain is an island nation located in the Persian Gulf with about 800,000 residents. The country consists of 33 islands and the island of Bahrain is the largest. The capital Manama is located in Bahrain and the country has a maritime border with Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Bahrain National Flag
  • Capital: Manama
  • Area: 760 km²
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Bahraini Dinar

5. Cyprus

Cyprus is an island nation in the eastern Mediterranean east of Greece, south of Turkey, west of Syria and north of Egypt. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and is geographically counted as Asia but politically mostly in Europe.

Cyprus National Flag
  • Capital: Nicosia
  • Area: 9,250 km²
  • Languages: Greek and Turkish
  • Euro currency

6. United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a country located at the southeastern end of the Arabian Peninsula in the Persian Gulf, bordering Oman in the east and Saudi Arabia in the south, and sharing maritime borders with Qatar and Iran. In 2013, the total population of the United Arab Emirates was 9.2 million; 1.4 million emirates and 7.8 million foreigners.

United Arab Emirates National Flag
  • Capital: Abu Dhabi
  • Area: 83,600 km²
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Dirham

7. Georgia

Georgia is a republic in the Caucasus, geographically the country is located in southwest Asia and to a small extent in southeastern Europe. Georgia borders Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey. The capital is Tbilisi.

Georgia National Flag
  • Capital: Tbilisi
  • Area: 69,700 km²
  • Language: Georgian
  • Currency: Lari

8. Yemen

Yemen, alternatively Yemen, formally the Republic of Yemen, is a state on the southern Arabian Peninsula in southwest Asia. Yemen means The Land on the Right and is the area in southern Arabia that the ancient Greek and Roman geographers called Arabia Felix.

Yemen National Flag
  • Capital: Sana / Aden
  • Area: 527,970 km²
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Yemen Riyal

9. Iraq

Iraq, formally the Republic of Iraq, is a republic in the Middle East in southwest Asia. The country borders Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to the south, Turkey to the north, Syria to the northwest, Jordan to the west and Iran to the east.

Iraq National Flag
  • Capital: Baghdad
  • Area: 435,240 km²
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Iraqi Dinar

10. Iran

Iran as a varied Middle East, Middle East, South Asia, Southwest Asia, and West Asia. The name Iran was used domestically during the Sasanian era before the Arab-Muslim invasion around 650 BC. and has been used internationally since 1935.

Iran National Flag
  • Capital: Tehran
  • Area: 1,745,150 km²
  • Language: Persian
  • Currency: Iranian Rial

11. Israel

Israel, formally the State of Israel, is a state in the Middle East of Asia. The State of Israel was proclaimed on 14 May 1948 following a non-binding UN decision by dividing the British mandate Palestine between Jewish and Arab-ruled territories.

Israel National Flag
  • Capital: Jerusalem
  • Area: 22,070 km²
  • Languages: Hebrew and Arabic
  • Currency: New Shequel

12. Jordan

Jordan, formally the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan, is an Arab state in the Middle East. The capital is Amman. The country borders Syria to the north, Iraq to the east, Saudi Arabia to the southeast and Israel, as well as the Palestinian West Bank to the west.

Jordan National Flag
  • Capital: Amman
  • Area: 89,320 km²
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Jordanian Dinar

13. Kuwait

Kuwait, formally the State of Kuwait, is a state on the Arabian Peninsula on the northwestern Persian Gulf that borders Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The capital is Madīnat al-Kuwayt. The country became an independent state in 1961.

Kuwait National Flag
  • Capital: Kuwait City
  • Area: 17,820 km²
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Dinar

14. Lebanon

Lebanon, formally the Republic of Lebanon, is a state in the Middle East on the eastern Mediterranean coast. The country borders Syria and Israel.

Lebanon National Flag
  • Capital: Beirut
  • Area: 10,450 km²
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Lebanese Pound

15. Oman

Oman, formally the Sultanate of Oman, is a country located in the eastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula. Oman borders the United Arab Emirates to the northwest, Saudi Arabia to the west and Yemen to the southwest and has a long coastline to the Arabian Sea to the east and the Gulf of Oman to the northeast.

Oman National Flag
  • Capital: Muscat
  • Area: 309,500 km²
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Rial

16. Palestine

Flag of Palestine
  • Capital: East Jerusalem / Ramallah
  • Area: 6,220 km²
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Jordanian Dinar and Israeli New Shekel

17. Qatar

Qatar formally The state of Qatar, is an emirate consisting of a peninsula located in the Persian Gulf on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. The country borders Saudi Arabia to the south and also has a maritime border with Bahrain.

Qatar National Flag
  • Capital: Doha
  • Area: 11,590 km²
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Rial

18. Syria

Syria, formally the Syrian Arab Republic, or the Syrian Arab Republic, is a state in the Middle East. The country’s capital is Damascus. The country borders Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Israel.

Syria National Flag
  • Capital: Damascus
  • Area: 185,180 km²
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Pound

19. Turkey

Turkey, officially the Republic of Turkey, is a Eurasian country that stretches across the Anatolian Peninsula in southwest Asia and Eastern Thrace on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe.

Turkey National Flag
  • Capital: Ankara
  • Area: 783,560 km²
  • Language: Turkish
  • Currency: Turkish Lira

List of Countries in Western Asia and Their Capitals

As noted above, there are nineteen independent countries in the West Asia. Among them, the largest country is Iran and the smallest is Cyprus in term of population. The full list of Western Asia countries with capitals is shown in the table below, ranked by latest total population and area.

Rank Country Name Population Land Area (km²) Capital
1 Iran 82,545,300 1,531,595 Tehran
2 Turkey 82,003,882 769,632 Ankara
3 Iraq 39,127,900 437,367 Baghdad
4 Saudi Arabia 33,413,660 2,149,690 Riyadh
5 Yemen 29,161,922 527,968 Sanaa
6 Syria 17,070,135 183,630 Damascus
7 Jordan 10,440,900 88,802 Amman
8 Azerbaijan 9,981,457 86,100 Baku
9 United Arab Emirates 9,770,529 83,600 Abu Dhabi
10 Israel 9,045,370 20,330 Jerusalem
11 Lebanon 6,855,713 10,230 Beirut
12 Palestine 4,976,684 5,640 NA
13 Oman 4,632,788 309,500 Muscat
14 Kuwait 4,420,110 17,818 Kuwait City
15 Georgia 3,723,500 69,700 Tbilisi
16 Armenia 2,962,100 28,342 Yerevan
17 Qatar 2,740,479 11,586 Doha
18 Bahrain 1,543,300 767 Manama
19 Cyprus 864,200 9,241 Nicosia

Map of Western Asian Countries

Map of Western Asian Countries

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