What is the Capital of Armenia? Yerevan

Armenia Yerevan

Yerevan is the capital of Armenia. The city is located about 20 kilometers from the border with Turkey, by the river Rasdan, about 1000 meters above sea level, and has 1,086,000 residents (2020).

Culture and business

Yerevan is an important administrative and cultural center. The city has significant industry, including the production of chemicals, synthetic rubber, automotive and tractor parts, machinery, aluminum and more.

Yerevan is the seat of Armenian State University (1920), conservatory, museums, opera, theaters, large library and more. Here Matenadaran, a collection of 10,000 Armenian manuscripts and books, is the oldest of the 400s. The city is beautifully situated, surrounded by orchards and with magnificent views to Ararat (5137 meters above sea level) in Turkey. The historical monuments include the ruins of the 600th church Zvartnots.


Yerevan is a very old city. It was built around a fort referred to in the 600s BCE. The city was later alternated under Turkish and Persian control, and became an important trading post from the 15th century. Yerevan was conquered by the Russians in 1827.

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