Countries that Start with H


Hungary is a republic in Central Europe. The country is surrounded by Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. Hungary is an inland state. The large Balaton lake is located in the western part of the country. The landscape consists mainly of low plains. IN and V are mountainous. The Danube and Tisza rivers flow through the country.

The climate is temperate mainland climate.

The most important natural resources are fertile agricultural land, lignite and bauxite. Sunflowers, maize, wheat, barley, grapes, fruit, tobacco, Spanish pepper and sugar beet are grown. Industry and service are the most important occupations.

Hungary was under communist rule from 1945 to 1990. The country is a member of both NATO and the EU.


Haiti is a republic in the Caribbean on the Atlantic and Caribbean. The country forms the western part of the island of Hispaniola and borders the Dominican Republic. Gulf of Gonava divides the country into two peninsulas. The landscape consists of limestone mountain ranges, lowlands, valleys and smaller coastal plains. Coral reefs on the coasts.

The climate is tropical with most rainfall on the coasts. There is a little cooler in the heights. Hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes occur.

More than half of the workforce is employed in agriculture. Coffee, cocoa and sugar are mainly grown for export as well as maize, rice, bananas and sweet potatoes for self-sufficiency.

Haiti became independent in 1804. The country is one of the poorest countries in the world and has difficulty recovering after a very severe earthquake in 2010.


Honduras is a republic in Central America. The country has a long coastline to the Caribbean and a short stretch of coast to the Pacific, as well as borders to Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Honduras is a mountainous country with fertile plains and highland plateaus as well as lowland covered by rainforest in the N and savanna in the island.

The climate is warm and humid on the coasts. At heights there are cooler ones. In 1998, Honduras was hit by a very devastating hurricane.

About half of the workforce is employed in agriculture. The main crops are bananas, coffee and sugar. Cattle farming, forestry and mining are also important factors for the economy.

Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Central America.

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