List of Foreign Embassies in Haiti provides a full list of foreign embassies and consulates located in Haiti in alphabetical order. If you plan to travel from Haiti to other countries, this information can help you prepare your visit, including applying visa and packing your baggage. See the following list of diplomatic missions in Haiti for detailed contact information including city location, street address, and phone/fax number.

Foreign Embassies and Consulates in Haiti

Embassy of Argentina
City: P閠ion-Ville
Address: 8 Rue Mangones, Berth�, P閠ion-Ville, Haiti
Telephone: 509-257-5725
Fax: 509-257-8227

Embassy of Belgium
City: P閠ion-Ville
Address: 5, All閑 des Acajous, Delmas 95, P閠ionville, Haiti
Telephone: 509- 257-4055
Fax: 509- 257-4055

Embassy of Brazil
City: P閠ion-Ville
Address: 8 Rue Lamarre, B.P. 15845, P閠ion-Ville, Haiti
Telephone: 509-256-0900
Fax: 509-510-6111

Embassy of Canada
City: Port-au-Prince
Address: Delmas between Delmas 75 and 71 Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Telephone: (509) 249-9000 (Embassy) – (509) 249-8000 (Immigration)
Fax: (509) 249-9920 and 249-9928 (Immigration)

Embassy of Chile
City: Port-au-Prince
Address: 2 Rue Coutilien, Musseau, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Telephone: 509-256-7960 / 256-5934 / 257-0623 / 511-3888
Fax: 509-257-0623

Embassy of Colombia
City: Delmas
Address: 384, Route de Delmas, Suite 7, Delmas, Haiti
Telephone: 509-246-2599
Fax: 509-246-5595

Embassy of Cuba
City: P閠ion-Ville
Address: 18, Rue E. Pierre, P間uy Ville, P. O. Box 15 702, P閠ion-Ville, Haiti
Telephone: 509-257-6626 / 257-8566
Fax: 509-257-8562

Embassy of Dominican Republic
City: P閠ion-Ville
Address: 121, Rue Panam閞icaine, P閠ion-Ville, Haiti
Telephone: 509-257-5568
Fax: 509-257-9294

Embassy of France
City: Port-au-Prince
Address: 51, Place des Heros de l’Independance, B.P. 1312, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Telephone: 509-222-3172 / 223-8118
Fax: 509-223-9858

Embassy of Germany
City: P閠ion-Ville
Address: 2, Impasse Claudinette, Bois Monquette, P閠ion-Ville, Haiti, B.P. 1147, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Telephone: 509-257-6131
Fax: 509-257-4131

Embassy of Jamaica
City: Port-au-Prince
Address: No. 141 Rue Pav閑, Building Firestone, P.O. Box 1065, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Telephone: 509-248-0589
Fax: 509-226-0613

Embassy of Japan
City: Port-au-Prince
Address: Villa Bella Vista, No.2 Impasse Tulipe (Desprez), B.P. 2512, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Telephone: 509-245-3333 / 245-5875
Fax: 509-245-8834

Embassy of Korea
City: P閠ion-Ville
Address: 16 Rue Faubert, P閠ion-Ville, Haiti
Telephone: 509-298-4250
Fax: 509-257-1103

Embassy of Mexico
City: P閠ion-Ville
Address: No. 2, Delmas 60, P閠ion-Ville, Haiti, B.P. 327, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Telephone: 509-257-8100
Fax: 509-256-6528

Embassy of Panama
City: P閠ion-Ville
Address: 33, Rue Gr間oire, Coin de la Rue Darguin, P閠ion-Ville, Haiti
Telephone: 509-2572422
Fax: 509-2572422

Embassy of Spain
City: Port-au-Prince
Address: 54, rue Pacot. State Liles (Despres), B.P.: 386, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Telephone: 509-245-4410 / 245-4411
Fax: 509-245-3901

Embassy of Taiwan
City: P閠ion-Ville
Address: 10, Rue Riviere, Place Boyer, P閠ion-Ville, Haiti, B.P. 655, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Telephone: 509-245-0361

Embassy of Venezuela
City: Port-au-Prince
Address: No. 2 Blvd. Harry Truman, Cit� de l’Exposition, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Telephone: 509-222-0973
Fax: 509-222-3949

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