List of Foreign Embassies in Djibouti provides a full list of foreign embassies and consulates located in Djibouti in alphabetical order. If you plan to travel from Djibouti to other countries, this information can help you prepare your visit, including applying visa and packing your baggage. See the following list of diplomatic missions in Djibouti for detailed contact information including city location, street address, and phone/fax number.

Foreign Embassies and Consulates in Djibouti

Embassy of Belgium
City: Djibouti
Address: Boite Postale 105, Djibouti
Telephone: 351027
Fax: 355309

Embassy of Canada
City: Djibouti
Address: P. O. Box 1188, Djibouti
Telephone: 353859
Fax: 350014

Embassy of China
City: Djibouti
Address: Rue Nairobi, Lotissement Heron, Djibouti, P.O.Box 2021
Telephone: 352247
Fax: 354833

Embassy of Denmark
City: Djibouti
Address: P.O. Box 2601, Route de l’aeroport
Telephone: 351065
Fax: 351230

Embassy of France
City: Djibouti
Address: Boulevard du Mar閏hal Foch, B.P. 2039 – DJIBOUTI
Telephone: (253)35.09.63
Fax: (253)35.02.72

Embassy of France
City: Djibouti
Address: Boulevard du Mar閏hal Lyautey, DJIBOUTI
Telephone: (253)35.25.03
Fax: (253)35.00.07

Embassy of United Kingdom
City: Djibouti
Address: P O Box 81 Djibouti
Telephone: 253 35 38 36/44, 253 35 06 55
Fax: 253 35 06 55

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