Flags of Countries that Start with Y

How many countries beginning with Y? There are a total of 1 countries starting with letter Y among the 193 countries in the world:

  • Yemen


Yemen Country Flag

Yemen is a republic in SV Asia. The country is furthest to the SV on the Arabian Peninsula with coastlines to the Red Sea in the V and the Indian Ocean to the S and SE as well as borders to Saudi Arabia to the N and Oman to the NE. The landscape is mountainous highland and desert as well as narrow, flat coastal plains.

The climate is warm and dry. In the mountains, however, more temperate.

The country’s most important natural resources are oil, fish, salt, copper, gold, lead, nickel and zinc. Agriculture is irrigated and rice, coffee, cotton, cereals, potatoes, vegetables, fruit and tobacco are grown.

Yemen was formed in 1990 when South Yemen and Northern Yemen were merged. Yemen is a very poor country.

Flags of countries beginning with Y

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