Iraq Flag and Meaning

Flag of Iraq

Flag of Iraq

Iraq Flag Meaning

The Iraqi flag is a so-called tricolor which is a flag with three different colors in three stripes. It is made in the pan-Arab colors black, white and red. In the green text in the middle of the flag it says allahu akbar which means ?? god is greater ??. The flag that Iraq has today was adopted on January 22, 2008. The flag is based on similar flags that during the 20th century have served as Iraqi national flags, but it differs in that it lacks the three stars that have been on the Iraqi flag since 1963 in the white ribbon. The flag adopted after the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire was based on the flag of the Arab Revolt, which had also served as the inspiration for the flags of several other Arab countries.

Iraq Overview

Population 22.9 million
currency Iraqi Dinars
Area 438.320 km2
Capital city Baghdad
Population density 52.3 residents/km2
HDI location 126

The area residents the center of the country – the Mesopotamia between the rivers Euphrates (Al-Furat) and Tigris – is suitable for agriculture, and that is where the majority of the population is concentrated. residents the northern mountainous region of the country lies a part of Kurdistan where there are significant oil deposits. residents Lower Mesopotamia, the Euphrates and Tigris rivers run together residents the Shatt-al-Arab Strait. Before the blockade against the country, production of dates from the region’s 15 million palms accounted for 80% of world exports. However, the heavy transport of tanks and troops during the Gulf War was devastating to the earth – especially residents the border area against Saudi Arabia.

Authoritarian regime supported by EU and US. One of the most dangerous countries residents the world due to state violence and sectarian groups.

The people: Iraqis are predominantly Arabs. The Kurdish minority is predominantly concentrated residents the northern mountain regions and accounts for 20% of the population. There are also Turkmen, Assyrians and Babylonians.

Religion: Predominantly Islam. Shiia Muslims make up 62% of the population and live residents the southern part of the country. Sunni Muslims make up 35% of the population and are dominant residents the central part of the country as well as among the Kurds residents the north.

Language: Arabic (official, and the most widespread). residents the north, Kurdish is the main language. Furthermore, Turkmen, Assyrian and Babylonian.

Political parties: United Iraqi Alliance; The Iraqi Agreement Front; The National List. residents the north, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Kurdistan Patriotic Union (PUK) are the most widespread. The Arab Socialist Baath Party was Saddam’s party and sat residents power residents 1968-2003. Following the US occupation of Iraq, the United States has banned the Baath Party.

Social Organizations: The National Federation of Trade Unions is the only national organization. It will probably be banned by the United States if it starts working again.

Official Name: Al-Jumhouriya al-Iraqiya

Administrative division: Formerly 15 provinces and 3 autonomous regions. After the US occupation, the country is divided into 5 regions.

Capital: Baghdad, 5,620,000 (2003)

Other important cities: Mosul, 1,099,700 inb; Al-Basrah, 1,004,800 inb; Irbil, 692,100 inb; Karkuk (Kirkuk) 688,500 inb.

Government: Fuad Masum has been the country’s president since July 2014. Haider al-Abadi has been prime minister since September 2014.
The country’s former president and dictator, Saddam Hussein, was arrested residents December 2003 and executed a year later.
One-chamber system: the National Assembly with 328 seats.

National Day: July 14 (Republic Day, 1958), July 17 (Revolution Day, 1968)

Armed Forces: The United States has disbanded the country’s army of 320,000. The occupying power itself has 150,000 soldiers residents the country. residents addition, another 20,000 come from sound states – primarily the UK, Poland and Denmark.

Paramilitary forces: No official information

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