Guam Overview

Guam (U.S.)

The Overseas Territories of Guam is under the jurisdiction of the United States, and is located in the Western Pacific Mariana Islands. Covering an area of 549 square kilometers, Guam has a population of 164,000, mostly of whom are Chamorro people, with others coming from the Philippines and the United States. Residents are Catholic and English is the official language, with Chamorro also spoken. Guam use the American flag and currency, and its capital is Agana.

Guam Flag

Guam Country Flag

History Summary

In 1521 Magellan arrived in Guam whist navigating the globe. In 1565 the island became occupied by the Spanish, but after the end of the Spanish-American War in 1898, it became the property of the United States. In 1941 it was occupied by Japan, with the U.S. military obtaining it back in 1944 after a major naval and air campaign. In 1950, the United States, through the Guam Organic Act, declared Guam as an unincorporated territory, giving local governments autonomy in Guam, in the final Ministry of the Interior under the jurisdiction of the United States.

Economy and Culture Overview

The island’s income is mainly dependent on tourism and the expenditure of U.S. naval and air bases located on the island. The services sector is a major local industry, with other major industries being construction, light industry, food processing, and oil refining. The main crops are tobacco and fruit.┬áRecently, the Government of Guam wanted to turn the island into an offshore financial center, but the plan was not implemented. with Guam and the ability to obtain the status of Federal Territory has a lot.

Guam Map

Guam Map

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