Barbados Overview

Country Profile

Barbados is located to the east of the Antilles, in the Caribbean. Barbados in Portuguese means “place of long beards,” and covers an area of 431 square kilometers. It has a population of 277,000, the vast majority of whom are of African descent. Residents are Christian, with English the primary language. The currency is the Bados yuan, and the capital is Bridgetown.

Barbados National Flag

Barbados’ flag contains three vertical strips of blue and yellow. Inside the yellow strip there is a black central trident. Blue represents the sea and sky, yellow denotes the golden beaches, and the trident symbolizes: of the people, for the people, and by the people.

Barbados Country Flag

History Summary

Originally inhabited by Arawak Indians, Barbados was discovered in 1518 by the Spanish. Ten years later the Portuguese invaded, and in 1624 the British occupied the island. In 1627 established the jurisdiction of the Governor, joined Western in 1958, the Indian Union. In October 1961,the island obtained and internal self-government, and on 1l 30, 1966, declared independence, thus joining the Commonwealth.

Economy and Culture Overview

Tourism, manufacturing and agriculture are the three main sectors of Barbados’ economy. The island has high medical standards, providing national free treatment in major hospitals. The country has also seen a national implementation of free compulsory education, including universities.

Barbados Map

Barbados Map

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