Alabama Airports

As of 2019, there are 25 airports throughout the state of Alabama according to IATA and ICAO. Through the table below, you can find name of each airport, its abbreviation, city location, and size. Airports in Alabama are listed in alphabetical order. Please note that some airports serve internationally, while the other only serve domestically.

Airports in Alabama

List of All Airports inĀ Alabama

# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Anniston Metropolitan Airport ANB Anniston, AL Small
2 Auburn-Opelika Airport AUO Auburn, AL Medium
3 Birmingham International Airport BHM Birmingham, AL Large
4 Dothan Airport DHN Dothan, AL Medium
5 Edwards Airport GUF Gulf Shores, AL Medium
6 Foley Municipal Airport NHX Foley, AL Small
7 George Downer Airport AIV Aliceville, AL Small
8 Huntsville International Airport HSV Huntsville, AL Medium
9 Marion County Airport HAB Hamilton, AL Small
10 Mobile Downtown Airport BFM Mobile, AL Medium
11 Mobile Municipal Airport MOB Mobile, AL Medium
12 Monroe County Airport MVC Monroeville, AL Small
13 Montgomery Regional Airport – Dannelly Field MGM Montgomery, AL Medium
14 Municipal Airport ETS Enterprise, AL Medium
15 Municipal Airport GAD Gadsden, AL Small
16 Municipal Airport TOI Troy, AL Medium
17 Pyor Airport DCU Decatur, AL Medium
18 Selfield Airport SES Selma, AL Small
19 Sharpe Field TGE Tuskegee, AL Small
20 Sheffield Airport MSL Sheffield, AL Medium
21 St Clair County Airport PLR Pell City, AL Small
22 Talladega Airport ASN Talladega, AL Medium
23 Thomas C Russell Field ALX Alexander City, AL Small
24 Van De Graaf Airport TCL Tuscaloosa, AL Medium
25 Weedon Field EUF Eufaula, AL Small

Alabama Overview

The state of Alabama has 4.9 million residents (2016). It has a small coastline on the Gulf of Mexico. The capital is Montgomery.

At the time of Europeans’ arrival, Alabama’s current territory was populated mainly by chickasaws, cherokees, creeks and choctaws. The Spaniards began to explore the territory in 1519. The French founded the first European settlement, in 1702, in Fort Louis, in the present County of Mobile. The first African slaves arrived in 1719. In 1763, the French ceded their part of the territory to the British. In 1783, Spain took over the Mobile area, under the Treaty of Paris, and the United States took over the rest of the territory. In 1813, the USA expelled the Spaniards from the area. During this process, there were battles with the Indians until 1832.

In 1819, the territory of Alabama became a state of the USA. In 1861, Alabama declared its separation from the USA and joined the Confederate States of America, formed by the six southern states and with the first capital at Montgomery. The Confederates were defeated in 1865 and Alabama was reinstated as a US state. It remained under military intervention until 1868, when the State ratified the constitutional amendment, granting citizenship to former slaves.

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