Chad Airports

As of 2019, there are 19 airports throughout the country of Chad according to IATA and ICAO. Through the table below, you can find name of each airport, its abbreviation, city location, and size. Airports in Chad are listed in alphabetical order. Please note that some airports serve internationally, while the other only serve domestically.

Airports in Chad

List of All Airports in Chad

# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Abecher Airport AEH Abecher Small
2 Abou Deia Airport AOD Abou Deia Small
3 Am Timan Airport AMC Am Timan Small
4 Ati Airport ATV Ati Small
5 Bokoro Airport BKR Bokoro Small
6 Bol Airport OTC Bol Small
7 Bongor Airport OGR Bongor Small
8 Bousso Airport OUT Bousso Small
9 Faya Airport FYT Faya Small
10 Lai Airport LTC Lai Small
11 Mao Airport AMO Mao Small
12 Melfi Airport MEF Melfi Small
13 Mongo Airport MVO Mongo Small
14 Moundou Airport MQQ Moundou Small
15 Ndjamena Airport NDJ Ndjamena Medium
16 Oum Hadjer Airport OUM Oum Hadjer Small
17 Pala Airport PLF Pala Small
18 Sarh Airport SRH Sarh Small
19 Zakouma Airport AKM Zakouma Small

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