Argentina Airports

As of 2019, there are 104 airports throughout the country of Argentina according to IATA and ICAO. Through the table below, you can find name of each airport, its abbreviation, city location, and size. Airports in Argentina are listed in alphabetical order. Please note that some airports serve internationally, while the other only serve domestically.

Airports in Argentina

List of All Airports in Argentina

# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Alto Rio Senguerr Airport ARR Alto Rio Senguerr Small
2 Arpt. Jorge Newbery Airport AEP Buenos Aires Medium
3 Benj Matienzo Airport TUC Tucuman Small
4 Brigadier Hector Ruiz Airport CSZ Coronel Suarez Small
5 Caleta Olivia Airport CVI Caleta Olivia Small
6 Camba Punta Airport CNQ Corrientes Small
7 Carmen De Patagones Airport CPG Carmen De Patagones Small
8 Catamarca Airport CTC Catamarca Small
9 Cataratas Airport IGR Iguazu Medium
10 Caviahue Airport CVH Caviahue Small
11 Ceres Airport CRR Ceres Small
12 Chapelco Airport CPC San Martin DeLos Andes Small
13 Charata Airport CNT Charata Small
14 Clorinda Airport CLX Clorinda Small
15 Colonia Catriel Airport CCT Colonia Catriel Small
16 Colonia Sarmiento Airport OLN Colonia Sarmiento Small
17 Comandante Airport BHI Bahia Blanca Small
18 Comodoro Rivadavia Airport CRD Comodoro Rivadavia Medium
19 Concordia Airport COC Concordia Small
20 Curuzu Cuatia Airport UZU Curuzu Cuatia Small
21 Cutral Airport CUT Cutral Small
22 El Bolson Airport EHL El Bolson Small
23 El Cadillal Airport JUJ Jujuy Small
24 El Calafate Airport FTE El Calafate Small
25 El Maiten Airport EMX El Maiten Small
26 El Palomar Airport EPA El Palomar Small
27 El Plumerillo Airport MDZ Mendoza Medium
28 El Pucu Airport FMA Formosa Small
29 El Tehuelche Airport PMY Puerto Madryn Small
30 Eldorado Airport ELO Eldorado Small
31 Esquel Airport EQS Esquel Small
32 Fisherton Airport ROS Rosario Medium
33 Gen Belgrano Airport SLA Salta Small
34 General Pico Airport GPO General Pico Small
35 General Roca Airport GNR General Roca Small
36 General Villegas Airport VGS General Villegas Small
37 Gobernador Gregores Airport GGS Gobernador Gregores Small
38 Goya Airport OYA Goya Small
39 Gualeguaychu Airport GHU Gualeguaychu Small
40 Ingeniero Jacobacci Airport IGB Ingeniero Jacobacci Small
41 Internacional Airport RGL Rio Gallegos Medium
42 Islas Malvinas Airport USH Ushuaia Medium
43 Jose De San Martin Airport JSM Jose De San Martin Small
44 Junin Airport JNI Junin Small
45 La Cumbre Airport LCM La Cumbre Small
46 La Plata Airport LPG La Plata Small
47 La Rioja Airport IRJ La Rioja Small
48 Lago Argentino Airport ING Lago Argentino Small
49 Las Heras Airport LHS Las Heras Small
50 Las Lomitas Airport LLS Las Lomitas Small
51 Loncopue Airport LCP Loncopue Small
52 Los Menucos Airport LMD Los Menucos Small
53 Malargue Airport LGS Malargue Small
54 Maquinchao Airport MQD Maquinchao Small
55 March Del Plata Airport MDQ March Del Plata Small
56 Mercedes Airport MDX Mercedes Small
57 Ministro Pistarini International Airport EZE Buenos Aires Large
58 Miramar Airport MJR Miramar Small
59 Monte Caseros Airport MCS Monte Caseros Small
60 Necochea Airport NEC Necochea Small
61 Neuquen Airport NQN Neuquen Small
62 Olavarria Airport OVR Olavarria Small
63 Oran Airport ORA Oran Small
64 Oscar Reguera Airport HOS Chos Malal Small
65 Pajas Blancas Airport COR Cordoba Medium
66 Parana Airport PRA Parana Small
67 Paso De Los Libres Airport AOL Paso De Los Libres Small
68 Pehuajo Airport PEH Pehuajo Small
69 Perito Moreno Airport PMQ Perito Moreno Small
70 Posadas Airport PSS Posadas Small
71 Pres. Roque Saenz Pena Airport PRQ Pres. Roque Saenz Pena Small
72 Puerto Deseado Airport PUD Puerto Deseado Small
73 Reconquista Airport RCQ Reconquista Small
74 Resistencia Airport RES Resistencia Small
75 Rincon de los Sauces Airport RDS Rincon de los Sauces Small
76 Rio Cuarto Airport RCU Rio Cuarto Small
77 Rio Grande Airport RGA Rio Grande Small
78 Rio Hondo Airport RHD Rio Hondo Small
79 Rio Mayo Airport ROY Rio Mayo Small
80 Rio Turbio Airport RYO Rio Turbio Small
81 Saenz Pena Airport SZQ Saenz Pena Small
82 San Antonio Oeste Airport OES San Antonio Oeste Small
83 San Carlos DeBariloche International Airport BRC San Carlos DeBariloche Medium
84 San Juan Airport UAQ San Juan Small
85 San Julian Airport ULA San Julian Small
86 San Luis Airport LUQ San Luis Small
87 San Rafael Airport AFA San Rafael Small
88 Santa Cruz Airport RZA Santa Cruz Small
89 Santa Fe Airport SFN Santa Fe Small
90 Santa Rosa Airport RSA Santa Rosa Small
91 Santa Teresita Airport SST Santa Teresita Small
92 Santiago Del Estero Airport SDE Santiago Del Estero Small
93 Sierra Grande Airport SGV Sierra Grande Small
94 Tandil Airport TDL Tandil Small
95 Tartagal Airport TTG Tartagal Small
96 Trelew Airport REL Trelew Small
97 Tres Arroyos Airport OYO Tres Arroyos Small
98 Valcheta Airport VCF Valcheta Small
99 Valle Del Conlara Airport RLO Merlo Small
100 Viedma Airport VDM Viedma Small
101 Villa Dolores Airport VDR Villa Dolores Small
102 Villa Gesell Airport VLG Villa Gesell Small
103 Villa Mercedes Airport VME Villa Mercedes Small
104 Zapala Airport APZ Zapala Small

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