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Argentina, State of South America; 2.8 million km2, 44.5 million residents (2019).Argentina is South America’s second largest state and has an area of ​​3,700 km from the border with Bolivia in the north to Eldslandet in the south. Claims are also made on some of the Antarctic and on the British Falkland Islands. The capital is Buenos Aires (13.1 million residents, 2010).

The name comes from the Spanish argento ‘silver’ (compare Latin argeʹntum ) and is given after the country’s location at Río de la Plata, ‘the Silver River’, where the first discoverers are said to have exchanged silver for the residents of the urine.

Argentina Country Flag

Country facts

  • Republic of Argentina / Republic of Argentina
  • Country abbreviation: AR
  • Area: 2.8 million km2
  • Population (2019): 44.5 million residents
  • Capital: Buenos Aires
  • Main language: Spanish
  • State: Republic
  • Head of State and Head of Government: Alberto Fernández (President)
  • Per capita GDP (2018): US $ 11,653
  • GNI per capita (2018): US $ 12,370
  • Currency unit: 1 nuevo peso = 100 centavos
  • Currency code: ARS
  • Country number (telephony): 54
  • Internet domain names: ar
  • Time difference compared to Sweden: −4
  • National Day: May 25 (Anniversary of 1810’s Revolution)
  • Independence Day: July 9, 1816


  • Land use: forest (22%), agricultural land (10%), other (68%)
  • Highest mountain: Aconcagua (6,962 m above sea level)
  • Longest river: Paraná (4,880 km)


  • Population density (2019): 16 residents per km2
  • Natural population growth (2019): 0.9%; birth rate 17 ‰, death rate 8 ‰
  • Age structure (2019): 0-14 years (25%), 15-64 (64%), 65- (11%)
  • Average life expectancy (2019): men 74 years, women 81 years
  • Infant mortality (2019): 10 per 1,000 live births
  • Population forecast 2050: 56 million residents
  • HDI (2017): 0.825 (place 47 of 189)
  • Urbanization rate (2019): 92%
  • Most populous cities (2010): Buenos Aires (13.1 million residents), Córdoba (1.5 million), Rosario (1.2 million)


  • Industry’s contribution to GDP (2017): agriculture (11%), industry (28%), service (61%)
  • Exports (2017): US $ 58,400 million
  • Main export products: agricultural products, petroleum products, vehicles
  • Main exporting countries: Brazil, USA, China
  • Imports (2017): US $ 64,000 million
  • Main import products: machinery, vehicles, oil and natural gas
  • Main importing countries: Brazil, China, USA
  • Railway network (2014): 36 900 km

Argentina is South America’s second largest country. Its location on South America’s wedge-shaped southern tip and with the high mountain range of the Andes as a barrier in the west causes major contradictions in the country’s natural conditions. In the far north and east of the Andes a large lowland, Gran Chaco, is spreading. Further south takes Pampas, which is a fertile prairie area. South of Río Colorado begins Patagonia, a slightly higher area with semi-desert plateaus. The fourth natural region consists of the Andes’ long mountain range with sharp ridges, valleys, plateaus and slopes. The climate in most of the country is temperate and rainy.

The president of Argentina, who must be Catholic and born in Argentina, is elected for a term of four years. The president has great powers of power and is both head of state and government. The congress consists of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. The Chamber of Deputies is elected for a term of four years. Independence was formally proclaimed July 9, 1816.

The country has significant and export-oriented agriculture as well as a diversified industry and is Latin America’s third largest economy after Brazil and Mexico. A combination of deflation and overvalued currency in 2001–02 led to an increase in central government debt and the budget deficit. Since then, the currency has flowed freely, inflation has fallen and exports from agriculture and industry have recovered. Agricultural exports mainly contributed to the country’s average GDP growth of about 8% since 2003.

Argentina Map

Argentina Map

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