List of Cities and Towns in Iowa

How many cities are there in Iowa? There are a total of 934 towns and cities in the state of Iowa. Top 10 biggest cities by population are Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Sioux City, Waterloo, Iowa City, Council Bluffs, Ames, Dubuque, and West Des Moines while top ten largest cities by land area are Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Waterloo, Sioux City, Council Bluffs, West Des Moines, Clinton, Dubuque, and Ankeny.

Largest Cities in Iowa

Des Moines

Population: Des Moines, the capital and largest city of Iowa, has over 215,000 residents.
Area: Des Moines covers approximately 90.65 square miles.
Zip Codes: Des Moines has numerous zip codes, including 50301–50323.
Area Codes: 515
County Affiliated: Polk County
Latitude: 41.5868° N
Longitude: 93.6250° W

Des Moines is a vibrant city known for its cultural institutions, outdoor recreation, and economic opportunities. Iowa State Capitol is a historic building and seat of government for the state of Iowa, featuring a distinctive dome, neoclassical architecture, and public tours highlighting its history, artwork, and legislative chambers. Pappajohn Sculpture Park is a downtown green space featuring a collection of contemporary sculptures by renowned artists, set among walking paths, gardens, and water features, as well as outdoor art installations and events such as yoga classes and concerts. Principal Park is a minor league baseball stadium and sports complex hosting games for the Iowa Cubs, as well as events such as concerts, fireworks displays, and community fundraisers.

Cedar Rapids

Population: Cedar Rapids, located in eastern Iowa, has over 130,000 residents.
Area: Cedar Rapids covers approximately 72.07 square miles.
Zip Codes: Cedar Rapids has various zip codes, including 52401, 52402, 52404.
Area Codes: 319
County Affiliated: Linn County
Latitude: 41.9779° N
Longitude: 91.6656° W

Cedar Rapids is a dynamic city known for its arts scene, historic landmarks, and recreational opportunities. Brucemore Mansion is a historic estate and cultural center featuring a Tudor Revival mansion, gardens, and walking trails, as well as tours, events, and educational programs on the estate’s history and architecture. National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library is a cultural institution showcasing exhibits and artifacts on Czech and Slovak history, heritage, and contributions to American culture, featuring galleries, archival collections, and educational programs for visitors of all ages. NewBo City Market is a vibrant marketplace and community hub featuring local vendors, artisans, cafes, and restaurants, as well as live music, events, and festivals celebrating the city’s creative and culinary scene.


Population: Davenport, situated on the Mississippi River, has over 100,000 residents.
Area: Davenport covers approximately 65.19 square miles.
Zip Codes: Davenport has various zip codes, including 52801, 52802, 52803.
Area Codes: 563
County Affiliated: Scott County
Latitude: 41.5236° N
Longitude: 90.5776° W

Davenport is a historic city known for its riverfront attractions, cultural institutions, and outdoor recreation. Figge Art Museum is a cultural institution featuring exhibits on American and European art, as well as contemporary and regional artists, featuring galleries, educational programs, and special events such as art classes and lectures. Vander Veer Botanical Park is a scenic green space featuring gardens, conservatories, and walking paths, showcasing plant collections, sculptures, and seasonal flower displays, as well as events such as plant sales and garden tours. Davenport Skybridge is an iconic pedestrian bridge spanning the Mississippi River, featuring a unique design with illuminated arches, observation decks, and panoramic views of the riverfront, downtown skyline, and Centennial Bridge.

Sioux City

Population: Sioux City, located in northwest Iowa, has over 80,000 residents.
Area: Sioux City covers approximately 58.49 square miles.
Zip Codes: Sioux City has various zip codes, including 51101, 51102, 51103.
Area Codes: 712
County Affiliated: Woodbury County
Latitude: 42.4964° N
Longitude: 96.4047° W

Sioux City is a bustling city known for its cultural diversity, historic landmarks, and recreational amenities. Sioux City Art Center is a cultural institution showcasing exhibits on contemporary and regional art, featuring galleries, educational programs, and events such as art classes, workshops, and artist talks. Stone State Park is a scenic nature area and recreational destination featuring hiking trails, picnic areas, and wildlife viewing opportunities, as well as panoramic views of the Missouri River Valley and neighboring states from scenic overlooks such as “The Lodge.” Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center is a museum and historic site commemorating the Lewis and Clark Expedition’s journey along the Missouri River, featuring exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays on exploration, Native American culture, and natural history.

Iowa City

Population: Iowa City, home to the University of Iowa, has over 75,000 residents.
Area: Iowa City covers approximately 25.2 square miles.
Zip Codes: Iowa City has various zip codes, including 52240, 52242, 52246.
Area Codes: 319
County Affiliated: Johnson County
Latitude: 41.6611° N
Longitude: 91.5302° W

Iowa City is a vibrant college town known for its literary heritage, cultural events, and outdoor recreation. University of Iowa is a prestigious public research university and cultural landmark, featuring historic buildings, academic facilities, museums, and performing arts venues, as well as a vibrant campus life and events such as lectures, concerts, and athletic competitions. Old Capitol Museum is a historic building and museum showcasing exhibits on Iowa’s political and cultural history, featuring artifacts, archives, and educational programs on topics such as statehood, government, and social movements. Pedestrian Mall is a downtown hub featuring shops, restaurants, cafes, and cultural attractions, as well as outdoor seating, public art installations, and events such as festivals, concerts, and farmers’ markets.


Population: Waterloo, located in northeast Iowa, has over 67,000 residents.
Area: Waterloo covers approximately 63.25 square miles.
Zip Codes: Waterloo has various zip codes, including 50701, 50702, 50703.
Area Codes: 319
County Affiliated: Black Hawk County
Latitude: 42.4928° N
Longitude: 92.3426° W

Waterloo is a diverse city known for its industrial heritage, cultural attractions, and recreational opportunities. John Deere Tractor & Engine Museum is a cultural institution showcasing exhibits on agricultural history and innovation, featuring vintage tractors, engines, and equipment, as well as interactive displays, educational programs, and events such as tractor rides and blacksmithing demonstrations. Lost Island Waterpark is a family-friendly attraction featuring water slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and splash zones, as well as cabana rentals, food concessions, and special events such as dive-in movies and live entertainment. Grout Museum District is a complex of museums and historic sites highlighting local history, science, and culture, including the Grout Museum of History & Science, Bluedorn Science Imaginarium, Snowden House, and Rensselaer Russell House Museum, as well as exhibits, artifacts, and educational programs for visitors of all ages.


Population: Ames, home to Iowa State University, has over 66,000 residents.
Area: Ames covers approximately 24.27 square miles.
Zip Codes: Ames has various zip codes, including 50010, 50011, 50012.
Area Codes: 515
County Affiliated: Story County
Latitude: 42.0308° N
Longitude: 93.6319° W

Ames is a lively college town known for its educational institutions, cultural events, and outdoor recreation. Iowa State University is a renowned public research university and cultural landmark, featuring historic buildings, academic facilities, museums, and performing arts venues, as well as a vibrant campus life and events such as lectures, concerts, and athletic competitions. Reiman Gardens is a botanical garden and nature attraction showcasing diverse plant collections, outdoor sculptures, and themed gardens, as well as educational programs, seasonal flower displays, and events such as butterfly exhibits and holiday celebrations. Main Street Cultural District is a downtown area featuring shops, restaurants, cafes, and cultural attractions, as well as public art installations, historic architecture, and events such as art walks, festivals, and concerts.

West Des Moines

Population: West Des Moines, a suburb of Des Moines, has over 67,000 residents.
Area: West Des Moines covers approximately 39.37 square miles.
Zip Codes: West Des Moines has various zip codes, including 50265, 50266, 50269.
Area Codes: 515
County Affiliated: Dallas County, Polk County, Warren County
Latitude: 41.5772° N
Longitude: 93.7113° W

West Des Moines is a growing city known for its suburban amenities, shopping centers, and recreational facilities. Jordan Creek Town Center is a shopping mall and entertainment complex featuring retail stores, restaurants, a movie theater, and a play area, as well as outdoor spaces, events, and performances such as concerts and holiday celebrations. Raccoon River Park is a recreational area and nature preserve featuring trails, picnic areas, fishing ponds, and sports fields, as well as playgrounds, dog parks, and a beach for swimming and paddle boating, as well as wildlife viewing opportunities along the Raccoon River. Valley Junction is a historic district featuring shops, galleries, cafes, and restaurants housed in restored buildings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as events such as farmers’ markets, art walks, and festivals celebrating the city’s heritage and community spirit.

Council Bluffs

Population: Council Bluffs, located across the Missouri River from Omaha, has over 62,000 residents.
Area: Council Bluffs covers approximately 38.37 square miles.
Zip Codes: Council Bluffs has various zip codes, including 51501, 51502, 51503.
Area Codes: 712
County Affiliated: Pottawattamie County
Latitude: 41.2619° N
Longitude: 95.8608° W

Council Bluffs is a historic city known for its riverfront attractions, cultural institutions, and recreational amenities. Union Pacific Railroad Museum is a cultural institution showcasing exhibits on railroad history and technology, featuring artifacts, interactive displays, and educational programs on topics such as steam locomotives, train travel, and the Transcontinental Railroad, as well as special events and guided tours. Harrah’s Council Bluffs is a riverboat casino and entertainment complex featuring gaming, dining, live entertainment, and hotel accommodations, as well as views of the Missouri River and downtown Omaha skyline. Lewis and Clark Monument and Scenic Overlook is a historic site and scenic viewpoint commemorating the Lewis and Clark Expedition’s journey along the Missouri River, featuring a monument, interpretive displays, and panoramic views of the river valley and surrounding bluffs.

Map of Iowa

List of All Cities in Iowa

Below please see all Iowa cities and towns which are listed in alphabetical order.


  • Ackley, IA
  • Adair, IA
  • Adel, IA
  • Afton, IA
  • Agency, IA
  • Ainsworth, IA
  • Akron, IA
  • Albert City, IA
  • Albia, IA
  • Albion, IA
  • Alburnett, IA
  • Alden, IA
  • Algona, IA
  • Alleman, IA
  • Allerton, IA
  • Allison, IA
  • Alta Vista, IA
  • Alta, IA
  • Alton, IA
  • Altoona, IA
  • Ames, IA
  • Anamosa, IA
  • Andrew, IA
  • Anita, IA
  • Ankeny, IA
  • Anthon, IA
  • Aplington, IA
  • Arcadia, IA
  • Arlington, IA
  • Armstrong, IA
  • Arnolds Park, IA
  • Arthur, IA
  • Ashton, IA
  • Atalissa, IA
  • Atkins, IA
  • Atlantic, IA
  • Auburn, IA
  • Audubon, IA
  • Aurelia, IA
  • Avoca, IA
  • Ayrshire, IA


  • Badger, IA
  • Bagley, IA
  • Bancroft, IA
  • Barnes City, IA
  • Batavia, IA
  • Battle Creek, IA
  • Baxter, IA
  • Bayard, IA
  • Beacon, IA
  • Beaman, IA
  • Bedford, IA
  • Belle Plaine, IA
  • Bellevue, IA
  • Belmond, IA
  • Bennett, IA
  • Bettendorf, IA
  • Birmingham, IA
  • Blairsburg, IA
  • Blairstown, IA
  • Blakesburg, IA
  • Blencoe, IA
  • Bloomfield, IA
  • Blue Grass, IA
  • Bode, IA
  • Bonaparte, IA
  • Bondurant, IA
  • Boone, IA
  • Boxholm, IA
  • Boyden, IA
  • Brandon, IA
  • Breda, IA
  • Brighton, IA
  • Bristow, IA
  • Britt, IA
  • Bronson, IA
  • Brooklyn, IA
  • Buffalo Center, IA
  • Buffalo, IA
  • Burlington, IA
  • Burt, IA
  • Bussey, IA


  • Calamus, IA
  • Callender, IA
  • Calmar, IA
  • Camanche, IA
  • Cambridge, IA
  • Cantril, IA
  • Carlisle, IA
  • Carroll, IA
  • Carson, IA
  • Carter Lake, IA
  • Cascade, IA
  • Casey, IA
  • Cedar Falls, IA
  • Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Center Point, IA
  • Centerville, IA
  • Central City, IA
  • Chariton, IA
  • Charles City, IA
  • Charlotte, IA
  • Charter Oak, IA
  • Chelsea, IA
  • Cherokee, IA
  • Churdan, IA
  • Cincinnati, IA
  • Clarence, IA
  • Clarinda, IA
  • Clarion, IA
  • Clarksville, IA
  • Clear Lake, IA
  • Clearfield, IA
  • Cleghorn, IA
  • Clermont, IA
  • Clinton, IA
  • Clive, IA
  • Clutier, IA
  • Coggon, IA
  • Coin, IA
  • Colesburg, IA
  • Colfax, IA
  • College Springs, IA
  • Collins, IA
  • Colo, IA
  • Columbus City, IA
  • Columbus Junction, IA
  • Conesville, IA
  • Conrad, IA
  • Coon Rapids, IA
  • Coralville, IA
  • Corning, IA
  • Correctionville, IA
  • Corwith, IA
  • Corydon, IA
  • Coulter, IA
  • Council Bluffs, IA
  • Crawfordsville, IA
  • Crescent, IA
  • Cresco, IA
  • Creston, IA
  • Crystal Lake, IA
  • Cumberland, IA
  • Cushing, IA


  • Dakota City, IA
  • Dallas Center, IA
  • Danbury, IA
  • Danville, IA
  • Davenport, IA
  • Davis City, IA
  • Dayton, IA
  • De Soto, IA
  • De Witt, IA
  • Decorah, IA
  • Dedham, IA
  • Deep River, IA
  • Defiance, IA
  • Delhi, IA
  • Delmar, IA
  • Deloit, IA
  • Delta, IA
  • Denison, IA
  • Denver, IA
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Dexter, IA
  • Diagonal, IA
  • Dickens, IA
  • Dike, IA
  • Dixon, IA
  • Donahue, IA
  • Donnellson, IA
  • Doon, IA
  • Dow City, IA
  • Dows, IA
  • Dubuque, IA
  • Dumont, IA
  • Duncombe, IA
  • Dunkerton, IA
  • Dunlap, IA
  • Durant, IA
  • Dyersville, IA
  • Dysart, IA


  • Eagle Grove, IA
  • Earlham, IA
  • Earling, IA
  • Earlville, IA
  • Early, IA
  • Eddyville, IA
  • Edgewood, IA
  • Elberon, IA
  • Eldon, IA
  • Eldora, IA
  • Eldridge, IA
  • Elgin, IA
  • Elk Horn, IA
  • Elkader, IA
  • Elkhart, IA
  • Elliott, IA
  • Ellsworth, IA
  • Elma, IA
  • Ely, IA
  • Emerson, IA
  • Emmetsburg, IA
  • Epworth, IA
  • Essex, IA
  • Estherville, IA
  • Evansdale, IA
  • Everly, IA
  • Exira, IA


  • Fairbank, IA
  • Fairfax, IA
  • Fairfield, IA
  • Farley, IA
  • Farmersburg, IA
  • Farmington, IA
  • Farnhamville, IA
  • Farragut, IA
  • Fayette, IA
  • Fenton, IA
  • Fertile, IA
  • Floyd, IA
  • Fonda, IA
  • Fontanelle, IA
  • Forest City, IA
  • Fort Atkinson, IA
  • Fort Madison, IA
  • Fostoria, IA
  • Fredericksburg, IA
  • Fremont, IA
  • Fruitland, IA


  • Galva, IA
  • Garden Grove, IA
  • Garnavillo, IA
  • Garner, IA
  • Garrison, IA
  • Garwin, IA
  • George, IA
  • Gilbert, IA
  • Gilbertville, IA
  • Gilman, IA
  • Gilmore City, IA
  • Gladbrook, IA
  • Glenwood, IA
  • Glidden, IA
  • Goldfield, IA
  • Goose Lake, IA
  • Gowrie, IA
  • Graettinger, IA
  • Grafton, IA
  • Grand Junction, IA
  • Grand Mound, IA
  • Grand River, IA
  • Grandview, IA
  • Granger, IA
  • Granville, IA
  • Gravity, IA
  • Greeley, IA
  • Greene, IA
  • Greenfield, IA
  • Grimes, IA
  • Grinnell, IA
  • Griswold, IA
  • Grundy Center, IA
  • Guthrie Center, IA
  • Guttenberg, IA


  • Halbur, IA
  • Hamburg, IA
  • Hampton, IA
  • Hancock, IA
  • Hanlontown, IA
  • Harcourt, IA
  • Harlan, IA
  • Harpers Ferry, IA
  • Hartford, IA
  • Hartley, IA
  • Harvey, IA
  • Hastings, IA
  • Hawarden, IA
  • Hawkeye, IA
  • Hazleton, IA
  • Hedrick, IA
  • Hiawatha, IA
  • Hills, IA
  • Hillsboro, IA
  • Hinton, IA
  • Holland, IA
  • Holstein, IA
  • Holy Cross, IA
  • Hopkinton, IA
  • Hornick, IA
  • Hospers, IA
  • Hubbard, IA
  • Hudson, IA
  • Hull, IA
  • Humboldt, IA
  • Humeston, IA
  • Huxley, IA


  • Ida Grove, IA
  • Independence, IA
  • Indianola, IA
  • Inwood, IA
  • Ionia, IA
  • Iowa City, IA
  • Iowa Falls, IA
  • Ireton, IA
  • Irwin, IA


  • Jamaica, IA
  • Janesville, IA
  • Jefferson, IA
  • Jesup, IA
  • Jewell, IA
  • Johnston, IA
  • Joice, IA


  • Kalona, IA
  • Kamrar, IA
  • Kanawha, IA
  • Kellerton, IA
  • Kelley, IA
  • Kellogg, IA
  • Kensett, IA
  • Keokuk, IA
  • Keosauqua, IA
  • Keota, IA
  • Keswick, IA
  • Keystone, IA
  • Kimballton, IA
  • Kingsley, IA
  • Kirkville, IA
  • Kiron, IA
  • Klemme, IA
  • Knoxville, IA


  • La Motte, IA
  • La Porte City, IA
  • Lacona, IA
  • Ladora, IA
  • Lake City, IA
  • Lake Mills, IA
  • Lake Park, IA
  • Lake View, IA
  • Lakota, IA
  • Lamoni, IA
  • Lamont, IA
  • Lansing, IA
  • Larchwood, IA
  • Latimer, IA
  • Laurel, IA
  • Laurens, IA
  • Lawler, IA
  • Lawton, IA
  • Le Claire, IA
  • Le Grand, IA
  • Le Mars, IA
  • Lehigh, IA
  • Leland, IA
  • Lenox, IA
  • Leon, IA
  • Lester, IA
  • Letts, IA
  • Lewis, IA
  • Libertyville, IA
  • Lime Springs, IA
  • Linden, IA
  • Lineville, IA
  • Linn Grove, IA
  • Lisbon, IA
  • Liscomb, IA
  • Little Rock, IA
  • Little Sioux, IA
  • Livermore, IA
  • Lockridge, IA
  • Logan, IA
  • Lohrville, IA
  • Lone Tree, IA
  • Long Grove, IA
  • Lorimor, IA
  • Lost Nation, IA
  • Lovilia, IA
  • Low Moor, IA
  • Lowden, IA
  • Lu Verne, IA
  • Luana, IA
  • Lucas, IA
  • Luxemburg, IA
  • Lynnville, IA
  • Lytton, IA


  • Macedonia, IA
  • Madrid, IA
  • Malcom, IA
  • Mallard, IA
  • Malvern, IA
  • Manchester, IA
  • Manilla, IA
  • Manly, IA
  • Manning, IA
  • Manson, IA
  • Mapleton, IA
  • Maquoketa, IA
  • Marathon, IA
  • Marble Rock, IA
  • Marcus, IA
  • Marengo, IA
  • Marion, IA
  • Marquette, IA
  • Marshalltown, IA
  • Martelle, IA
  • Martensdale, IA
  • Mason City, IA
  • Massena, IA
  • Maurice, IA
  • Maxwell, IA
  • Maynard, IA
  • Mc Callsburg, IA
  • Mc Causland, IA
  • Mc Gregor, IA
  • Mechanicsville, IA
  • Mediapolis, IA
  • Melbourne, IA
  • Melcher, IA
  • Melvin, IA
  • Menlo, IA
  • Merrill, IA
  • Meservey, IA
  • Middletown, IA
  • Miles, IA
  • Milford, IA
  • Milo, IA
  • Milton, IA
  • Minburn, IA
  • Minden, IA
  • Mingo, IA
  • Missouri Valley, IA
  • Mitchellville, IA
  • Modale, IA
  • Mondamin, IA
  • Monona, IA
  • Monroe, IA
  • Montezuma, IA
  • Monticello, IA
  • Montour, IA
  • Montrose, IA
  • Moorhead, IA
  • Moravia, IA
  • Morning Sun, IA
  • Moulton, IA
  • Mount Ayr, IA
  • Mount Pleasant, IA
  • Mount Vernon, IA
  • Moville, IA
  • Murray, IA
  • Muscatine, IA
  • Mystic, IA


  • Nashua, IA
  • Neola, IA
  • Nevada, IA
  • New Albin, IA
  • New Hampton, IA
  • New Hartford, IA
  • New London, IA
  • New Market, IA
  • New Providence, IA
  • New Sharon, IA
  • New Vienna, IA
  • New Virginia, IA
  • Newell, IA
  • Newhall, IA
  • Newton, IA
  • Nichols, IA
  • Nora Springs, IA
  • North English, IA
  • North Liberty, IA
  • Northwood, IA
  • Norwalk, IA
  • Norway, IA


  • Oakland, IA
  • Oakville, IA
  • Ocheyedan, IA
  • Odebolt, IA
  • Oelwein, IA
  • Ogden, IA
  • Okoboji, IA
  • Olds, IA
  • Olin, IA
  • Ollie, IA
  • Onawa, IA
  • Onslow, IA
  • Orange City, IA
  • Orient, IA
  • Osage, IA
  • Osceola, IA
  • Oskaloosa, IA
  • Ossian, IA
  • Otho, IA
  • Ottumwa, IA
  • Oxford Junction, IA
  • Oxford, IA


  • Pacific Junction, IA
  • Packwood, IA
  • Palmer, IA
  • Palo, IA
  • Panama, IA
  • Panora, IA
  • Parkersburg, IA
  • Parnell, IA
  • Paton, IA
  • Paullina, IA
  • Pella, IA
  • Peosta, IA
  • Perry, IA
  • Persia, IA
  • Peterson, IA
  • Pierson, IA
  • Pilot Mound, IA
  • Pisgah, IA
  • Plainfield, IA
  • Pleasant Valley, IA
  • Pleasantville, IA
  • Plymouth, IA
  • Pocahontas, IA
  • Polk City, IA
  • Pomeroy, IA
  • Portsmouth, IA
  • Postville, IA
  • Prairie City, IA
  • Prescott, IA
  • Preston, IA
  • Primghar, IA
  • Princeton, IA
  • Protivin, IA
  • Pulaski, IA


  • Quasqueton, IA
  • Quimby, IA


  • Radcliffe, IA
  • Rake, IA
  • Randolph, IA
  • Raymond, IA
  • Readlyn, IA
  • Red Oak, IA
  • Redfield, IA
  • Reinbeck, IA
  • Rembrandt, IA
  • Remsen, IA
  • Renwick, IA
  • Rhodes, IA
  • Riceville, IA
  • Richland, IA
  • Ridgeway, IA
  • Ringsted, IA
  • Rippey, IA
  • Riverside, IA
  • Riverton, IA
  • Robins, IA
  • Rock Rapids, IA
  • Rock Valley, IA
  • Rockford, IA
  • Rockwell City, IA
  • Rockwell, IA
  • Roland, IA
  • Rolfe, IA
  • Rose Hill, IA
  • Rowan, IA
  • Rowley, IA
  • Royal, IA
  • Rudd, IA
  • Runnells, IA
  • Russell, IA
  • Ruthven, IA
  • Ryan, IA


  • Sabula, IA
  • Sac City, IA
  • Saint Ansgar, IA
  • Saint Charles, IA
  • Salem, IA
  • Salix, IA
  • Sanborn, IA
  • Schaller, IA
  • Schleswig, IA
  • Scranton, IA
  • Sergeant Bluff, IA
  • Seymour, IA
  • Sheffield, IA
  • Shelby, IA
  • Sheldahl, IA
  • Sheldon, IA
  • Shell Rock, IA
  • Shellsburg, IA
  • Shenandoah, IA
  • Sibley, IA
  • Sidney, IA
  • Sigourney, IA
  • Silver City, IA
  • Sioux Center, IA
  • Sioux City, IA
  • Sioux Rapids, IA
  • Slater, IA
  • Sloan, IA
  • Smithland, IA
  • Soldier, IA
  • Solon, IA
  • South English, IA
  • Spencer, IA
  • Spillville, IA
  • Spirit Lake, IA
  • Springville, IA
  • Stacyville, IA
  • Stanhope, IA
  • Stanton, IA
  • Stanwood, IA
  • State Center, IA
  • Steamboat Rock, IA
  • Stockport, IA
  • Storm Lake, IA
  • Story City, IA
  • Stout, IA
  • Stratford, IA
  • Strawberry Point, IA
  • Stuart, IA
  • Sully, IA
  • Sumner, IA
  • Sutherland, IA
  • Swea City, IA
  • Swisher, IA


  • Tabor, IA
  • Tama, IA
  • Templeton, IA
  • Terril, IA
  • Thompson, IA
  • Thornton, IA
  • Thurman, IA
  • Tiffin, IA
  • Tipton, IA
  • Titonka, IA
  • Toledo, IA
  • Traer, IA
  • Treynor, IA
  • Tripoli, IA
  • Truro, IA


  • Underwood, IA
  • Union, IA
  • University Park, IA
  • Urbana, IA
  • Urbandale, IA
  • Ute, IA


  • Vail, IA
  • Van Horne, IA
  • Van Meter, IA
  • Van Wert, IA
  • Ventura, IA
  • Victor, IA
  • Villisca, IA
  • Vinton, IA
  • Volga, IA


  • Wadena, IA
  • Walcott, IA
  • Walford, IA
  • Walker, IA
  • Wall Lake, IA
  • Wallingford, IA
  • Walnut, IA
  • Wapello, IA
  • Washington, IA
  • Washta, IA
  • Waterloo, IA
  • Waucoma, IA
  • Waukee, IA
  • Waukon, IA
  • Waverly, IA
  • Wayland, IA
  • Webster City, IA
  • Wellman, IA
  • Wellsburg, IA
  • Wesley, IA
  • West Bend, IA
  • West Branch, IA
  • West Burlington, IA
  • West Des Moines, IA
  • West Liberty, IA
  • West Point, IA
  • West Union, IA
  • Westgate, IA
  • Westside, IA
  • What Cheer, IA
  • Wheatland, IA
  • Whiting, IA
  • Whittemore, IA
  • Williams, IA
  • Williamsburg, IA
  • Wilton, IA
  • Winfield, IA
  • Winterset, IA
  • Winthrop, IA
  • Woden, IA
  • Woodbine, IA
  • Woodburn, IA
  • Woodward, IA
  • Woolstock, IA
  • Worthington, IA
  • Wyoming, IA


  • Yale, IA