San Marino Overview

Country Profile

San Marino is located in northeastern Europe, the Apennine peninsula, surrounded by neighboring Italy, all known as the Republic of San Marino, an area of 61 square kilometers. Population of 29,000, 90% of San Marino. Residents are Catholic, the official language of the Italian language. Currency is the euro. The capital of San Marino (san marino)

National Flag

The flag has two parallel white and light blue rectangles with the national emblem in the center. White symbolizes purity and light blue symbolizes the sky.

San Marino Country Flag


First found by a Christian stonemason named Marino in the fourth century. Between the 13th and 14th centuries, the Roman Pope managed the area as a Grand Duchy. In 1631, the Grand Duchy of Urbino was the annexation of the Papal States. In 1759, it was occupied by Cardinal Alberoni. In February 1740, the San Parliament resumed power.

Economy and Culture

The heads of state serve in six-month terms and cannot be re-elected after three years. Consuls are elected by the Great and General Councils, and each March and September there is a re-election. The Archon is both the head of state and head of government and parliament.

The economy dominated by agriculture and the main agricultural products are wheat, corn, wine, meat and cheese. San Marino also has a notable garment, machinery manufacturing, electronic equipment, chemical and wine industries, and produces textiles, ceramics, paper and metal products. Handicraft production accounts for 25% of the industrial output and tourism revenue accounts for 50% of state revenues. San Marino’s stamps and coins are world famous.

St. Francis Church

San Marino’s oldest and most artistic building, St. Francis Church is located in the capital of San Marino and was built in the 14th century. The main entrance on the church suspended an Shibian, engraved with the year in January 1361 started the construction of words and a crown on head, artful eagle relief. Church deacon stage, there is a very rare 14,15-century cross guards of honor, the 13th century shrine and other religious objects, tombstones, frescoes and paintings of various periods.

San Marino Map

San Marino Map

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