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San Marino, state of the Apennine Peninsula, southern Europe; 61 km2, 34 000 residents (2019).San Marino, located on the northeastern slope of the Apennines, is completely enclosed by Italy. The capital is San Marino (4,400 residents, 2012).

San Marino Country Flag

Country facts

  • Republic of San Marino / Republic of San Marino
  • Country abbreviation: SM
  • Area: 61 km2
  • Population (2019): 34,000 residents
  • Capital: San Marino
  • Main language: Italian
  • State: Republic
  • Head of state and head of government: rotating (change occurs every six months)
  • Per capita GDP (2016): US $ 56 404
  • GNI per capita: no data available
  • Currency unit: euro
  • Currency code: EUR
  • Country number (telephony): 378
  • Internet domain name: sm
  • Time difference compared to Sweden: 0
  • National Day: September 3 (Founding of the Republic, 301)


  • Population density (2019): 557 residents per km2
  • Natural population growth (2019): 0%; birthrate 7 ‰, deathrate 7 ‰
  • Age structure (2019): 0-14 years (15%), 15-64 (67%), 65- (18%)
  • Average life expectancy (2019): men 82 years, women 87 years
  • Infant mortality (2019): 4 per 1,000 live births
  • Population forecast 2050: 40,000 residents
  • HDI: no data available
  • Urbanization rate (2019): 97%
  • Most populous city (2012): Serravalle (9,900 residents)
  • Railway network: nothing in operation

The landscape of San Marino is dominated by Monte Titano, which with its three peaks, each crowned by a castle, is a well-known landmark. The climate is mildly warm-tempered rather than a typical Mediterranean climate.

The country’s state of affairs has changed quite a bit in the last 800 years, apart from the introduction of modern universal suffrage. The Parliament consists of the Grand Council, which has 60 members, elected for five years. Among these are appointed two reigning captains ( Capitani Reggenti ), who together for six months serve as both head of state and head of government.

San Marino has a fairly well-developed economy based mainly on industry and tourism as well as typical sources of income for smaller countries (stamp publishing and so-called mailbox companies). The service industries account for most of the employment, but the country also has a varied industry, including textile, ceramic, rubber, leather and paper production.

San Marino Map

San Marino Map

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