Romania Overview

Country Profile

Romania is located in north-eastern Balkans, Southern Europe. Area of 23.75 million meters. Population of 21.79 million, most of the Romanian family, and other Hungarian, Gypsy family and so on. Residents are Orthodox. Romanian is the official language side. The main national language is Hungarian. Currency lei, the capital of Bucharest (bucureti).

Romania National Flag

From left to right the flag has three blue, yellow and red vertical stripes. Blue represents the sky, yellow symbolizes the rich natural resources and red symbolizes the people’s courage and sacrifice.

Romania Country Flag

History Summary

In the 14th century, two feudal principalities were established called Wallachia and Moldova. In the 16th century, the Ottoman Empire became a subsidiary of the state. In 1859, Wallachia and Moldova merged to form Romania, still under the Ottoman Empire. On May 9, 1877, there was a declaration of national independence. In 1881, it was renamed the Kingdom of Romania. In 1918, Romania formed a unified nation-state. On December 30, 1947, the People’s Republic of Romania was established. In 1965, it changed its name to the Socialist Republic of Romania. On December 22, 1989, the Ceausescu regime was overthrown and the country become Romania.

Economy and Culture Overview

Its main industrial sectors include iron and steel, chemicals and machinery manufacturing. Bucharest is the main mechanical industrial center. Known as the “Black Pearl,” it is also an important industrial center for shipbuilding. The main agricultural crops are corn, wheat, barley, potatoes, marijuana, flax, sunflowers, sugar beet, tobacco and grapes. The Danube delta is one of Europe’s largest remaining natural wetlands. Romania keeps half the fish caught from the Delta.

Romania is also one of Europe’s largest oil and gas producers, and it also has large reserves of rock salt. The 2 / 5, dense growth of reed area, about the world’s total output of 1 / 5, as Romania’s paper industry and manmade fiber workers Enough raw materials industry.

Romania Map

Romania Map

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