Macedonia Facts

Country Profile

Macedonia is a landlocked country located in the central Balkans, all known as the Republic of Macedonia. An area of 25,700 square kilometers. Population of 2.04 million, mainly ethnic Macedonians. Other Albanian, Turkish, Roma and Serbs. Residents are Orthodox. Official language Macedonian. Currency is Denar. The capital of Skopje (skopie).

Macedonia National Flag

The national flag is rectangular with a red background. In the middle there is a golden yellow sun.

Macedonia Country Flag

History Summary

In the 10th century, Samoilo established the first Macedonian state. Since then, the region of Macedonia and Turkey has long been under Byzantium rule. In 1915, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece divided the Macedonian region. After World War II, Yugoslavia established the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia. In 1991, Macedonia declared its independence.

Economy and Culture Overview

Macedonia is mountainous, with valleys and basins during strewn at random. It grows mainly rice, cotton, tobacco and other crops. Vegetables and fruits have a high production capacity. Large-scale industrial raw materials include copper, lead, zinc and other nonferrous metals. Light industry products include tobacco.

Macedonian women wear high embroidered shirts and short stand-collar vests, with aprons and colored belts. Men wear traditional costumes of shirts, then vests or leather vests, pants, underwear and colorful belts. Macedonian people sing and dance to folk dance rhythms with a unique national style.


Ohrid is located on the northeastern coast. Built in the ninth century, the old city has maintained its antique medieval style. The streets are narrow and the buildings are distinctive with white walls and brown wooden window frames, covered with a red roof.

Ohrid Lake

This lake has an area of 347 square kilometers, and at the 286 m is the deepest lake in the Balkans. The lake are very slow biological evolution, living organisms with the 50 million years ago, almost the same as the third century of biology, so the lake of animals and plants are called “living fossil.” Number range of the snail is also a major specialty within the lake in the world, the snail has been identified in the lake accounts for 53 species, and many species are ancient family.

Macedonia Map

Macedonia Map

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