Czech Republic Overview

Country Profile

The Czech Republic is a landlocked country in central Europe, the full name of the Czech Republic. Area of 7.8865 million square kilometers. 10.2 million people, its more than 90% are Czech, there Slovaks, Germans and so on. Residents are Catholic. The official language is Czech. Czech koruna currency. Prague (Praha).

Czech Republic National Flag

The national flag is blue, white and red. The Czech Republic is the home of the ancient crossing Scimia kingdom, the kingdom of the colors red and white. The blue comes from the badge color of the original provinces of Moravia and Slovakia.

Czechia Country Flag

History Summary

In 850, the Great Moravian Empire was established. In the ninth and 10th centuries, the Czech principality was established. In 1620, the Czech region fell under the rule of the Habsburg dynasty. After the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in 1918 the Czech Republic was established. In May 1939, it was occupied by Nazi Germany. In July 1960, the country changed its name to the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. In 1990, it became the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic. In 1993, the Czech Republic and Slovakia became independent countries.

Economy and Culture Overview

Czechs are renowned for their machinery manufacturing, advanced technology and glass industries. Harlem is a famous shoe town. Mining, metallurgy, engineering, machinery and the automobile industries are also relatively developed, as is beer brewing, footwear, ceramics and high light levels.
It has a high degree of agricultural intensification, and grain yield is the equal of central Asian countries. Its major agricultural products are corn, sugar beet, wheat, oats, potatoes and flax. The Pilsen region has a long history of wine. The internationally famous Pilsen brewery started brewing beer from 1295.

Golden Prague

The Czech capital’s most fascinating places are its colorful historic buildings including Roman, Gothic, Baroque and other magnificent and elegant buildings. Prague is a very attractive city, and is known as the “100 tower city.”

Czech Republic Map

Czech Republic Map

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