Switzerland Overview

Country Profile

Known as the kingdom of watches, Switzerland is a landlocked country in central Europe, all known as the Swiss Confederation. Area of 413 square kilometers. Population of 7.34 million, of which 19% of foreigners. German, Italian, French and Romansh are the official languages. Residents are Christian and Catholic. Money for the Swiss franc. Capital, Bern (Bern).

Switzerland National Flag

The Swiss flag is square with a white cross, a symbol of national unity.

Switzerland Country Flag

History Summary

On August 1, 1291, Uri, Schwyz and Nidwalden – three states struggling against the Habsburg dynasty – formed a secret alliance, namely, the beginning of the founding of Switzerland. In 1815, Vienna was recognized as a permanently neutral country, Switzerland. In 1848, the Federal Council created a unified federal state. In the two World Wars it remained neutral.

Economy and Culture Overview

Within rivers, lakes, large glaciers, abundant water resources development and utilization of water resources in the world, countries with the highest level, because of the beautiful valley, and comfortable environment, enjoy the “World Garden” in the world. Economic development, industrial, financial services and tourism-based.

Swiss industrial products have a high technological content, precision machinery and precision instruments. Most representative products are known for their high quality such as fine Swiss watches, Rolex Omega, Longines, Radar, and other world-renowned brands. Nestle is Switzerland’s largest food company, whose sell instant coffee and milk products around the world. The world-famous Swiss army knife has many functions and is very practical. The Swiss banking sector is well developed. Because of its strict bank secrecy laws Switzerland attracts a large number of foreign funds. Huge amounts of money have been transferred to neutral Swiss banks.

Bern is the political center of the capital. The city has more than 100 watches, known as the “‘tables.” The Universal Postal Union and International Railway Transport Office set up this way. Known as the economic capital of Switzerland, Zurich is the national business and financial center, with 50% of the city’s banks foreign-owned. Geneva is a famous international city, home to the United Nations European headquarters, the International Red Cross, the World Health Organization and other international bodies.

Switzerland Map

Switzerland Map

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