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The greater part of the territory of Switzerland is located in the Alps, attracting numerous tourists for its ski resorts. The architecture of the buildings in this charming country is characteristic of European regions with harsh winters, where they snow a lot. The ceilings are very steep and the towers are pointed to allow the snow to drain. Switzerland is especially famous for its banks and watch industry. The country also stands out for its pharmaceutical, textile and food industry. In the 1st century BC, the Helvetii, a Celtic people, left the lands in the south of present-day Germany and settled in present-day Switzerland. The Romans dominated the region in 58 BC. In the Middle Ages other barbarian peoples invaded the territory. In 1291, the cantons of Uri, Schwytz and Unterwald founded the Helvetic Confederation. The country received the name of Switzerland, in 1350, derived from Schwytz. In foreign policy, the secular Swiss neutrality stands out.

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Switzerland, Central European State;41 290 km², 8.5 million residents (2019).Switzerland, mainly occupied by the Alps, borders Germany...