Monaco Overview

Country Profile

Monaco is located in southwest Europe, surrounded on three sides by France, south to the Mediterranean, all known as the Principality of Monaco. Area of 1.95 square kilometers. Population of 3.2 million people, mostly foreigners, is the world’s most densely populated country. Residents are Catholic. The official language is French. Currency is the euro. The capital of Monaco (Monaco).

Monaco National Flag

The flag is composed of two parallel red and white rectangles.

Monaco Country Flag

History Summary

The Li Guya people, the Phoenicians and the Carthaginians have all lived in Monaco. In 1297, the Grimaldi family of Monaco began over 700 years of rule. In the 14th century, Duchy of embryo formation, has become the Spanish, French protectorate. In 1861, it signed an agreement with France for France to recognize the independence of Morocco, but Morocco to give up on the ownership of two towns called Menton and Roquebrune. The constitution was first promulgated in 1918 when the country became a constitutional monarchy. In 1918, the Law of Morocco was signed to determine political relations between the two countries. France is responsible for the protection of Monaco’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity; commitment to full respect for the Prince of Monaco in France’s political, economic, maritime and military interests, the exercise of sovereignty.

Economy and Culture Overview

Monaco has no agriculture and its industry is also relatively weak. Its economy is dependent on tourism, stamps and gambling. Within a small area it has 25 banks, but Monaco is more famous for its gaming industry. Since 1861, Monaco has taken advantage of its unique geographical location to attract a large number of European visitors. Gaming revenue accounts for 75% of national income, and its Monte Carlo Casino is among the most famous in the world.

Monaco’s Oceanographic Museum is world-renowned. People can see all kinds of beautiful fish and strange animals. It also has the Napoleonic Museum, National Museum, Caroline Library, Monte Carlo Opera House and other cultural facilities. In Monaco, stamps are another source of income. Monaco stamps are printed and distributed across the world.

Monaco Map

Monaco Map

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