Andorra Overview

Country Profile

Andorra is located in southwestern Europe, all known as the Principality of Andorra. An area of 1468 square km. Population of 67,000, mainly Andorra and Spain. Residents are Catholic; official language is Catalan, but French and Spanish, the currency is the euro. Andorra’s capital city.

Andorra National Flag

The flag, from left to right, has three equal vertical stripes colored blue, yellow and red.

Andorra Country Flag

History Summary

Andorra was established in the ninth century during Charlemagne’s Empire to prevent harassment from the Moors in Spain. In 1278, the French and Spanish concluded peace to enjoy the administrative rule of Andorra. Both sides had the right to appoint its own representatives and to accept symbolic tribute payments. Since then the Spanish and French competed for Andorra. In 1789, the French Revolution interrupted relations with France. In 1806, Napoleon issued a decree recognizing the security’s right to exist, to restore bilateral relations. The Security Council has been relatively stable since then. On January 4, 1982, parliamentary reform was exercised by the government. In 1995, an Andorran referendum approved a new constitution, and is was declared a sovereign state.

Economy and Culture Overview

Andorra’s economy is tourism and duty-free shopping. The country has more than 1,000 shops and shopping centers of various rebates. Andorra is a traditional agricultural country and its main agricultural products are potatoes and tobacco as well as animal husbandry with cattle and sheep. It also has a cigarette manufacturing industry, followed by textiles, leather, wood and food processing. It has major mineral deposits of iron, Ming Angeles and aluminum.

Andorra Map

Andorra Map

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