Turks and Caicos Islands Flag and Meaning

Flag of Turks and Caicos Islands

Flag of Turks and Caicos Islands

Turks and Caicos Islands Flag Meaning


Turks and Caicos Islands Overview

Population 16,000
Currency US $
Area 430 km2
Capital city Cockburn Town
Population density 37.2 residents/km2

Archipelago of over 30 islands located at the southeastern end of the Bahamas chain. Only 8 are inhabited. Grand Turk (where the capital is located), South Caicos, Center Caicos, North Caicos, Providence, Salt Key, Pine Key and Parrot Key. The climate is tropical and rainy, but slightly moderate due to the influence of the sea. The archipelago is on the route many hurricanes take north, and was hit by disasters in 1928, 45 and 60. The islands’ main economic activity is fishing.

The People: The majority of the population is of African origin, but a small European minority exists. In recent years, a significant ethnic mix has taken place – especially in the Turks. Finally, there are a significant number of Haiti emigrants.

Religion: Baptists (41.2%), Methodists (18.9%), Anglicans (18.3%), 7th-day Adventists (1.7%), others (19.9%). (1980).

Language: English

Political Parties: National Progressive Party (PNP); Popular Democratic Movement (PDM); United Democratic Party (UDP).

Official name: Turks and Caicos Islands.

Capital: Cockburn Town, on the island of Grand Turk, 4,900 residents (1999).

Other important cities: The population is distributed as follows: Grand Turk, 5,000 residents; South Caicos, 1,700 residents; Center Caicos, 396 residents; North Caicos, 1,900 residents; Providence, 977 residents; Salt Key, 284 residents (2000)

Government: John Freeman is governor, appointed by the British Crown in October 2016. The Prime Minister’s Office is since December 2016 Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson. Parliament has one chamber with 19 members, 15 of whom are elected by direct election for a 3-year term and 4 are appointed by the governor.

National Day: August 30 (Constitution Day, 1976)

Armed Forces: Defense is provided by Britain

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