Pitcairn Islands Flag and Meaning

Flag of Pitcairn Islands

Flag of Pitcairn Islands

Pitcairn Islands Flag Meaning


Pitcairn Islands Overview

Population 70
Currency New Zealand dollars
Area 5 km2
Capital city Adamstown
Population density 14 residents/km2

The country consists of 4 islands of volcanic origin, of which only Pitcairn is inhabited. The other three are: Henderson, Ducie and Oeno. The archipelago is located in the far eastern part of Polynesia, south of the crustal tropics and east of French Polynesia. The economy is based on subsistence agriculture, fishing, crafts and sale of stamps. Mineral resources have been discovered that have not yet been utilized. The climate is tropical, rainy, but moderated by the sea. The islands are frequently exposed to typhoons in the period November to March.

The people: The population is made up of British sailors who made mutiny from the ship HMS Bounty as well as women from Tahiti.

Religion: 7th Day Adventists (100%)

Language: English (official). A Tahiti-English dialect is spoken

Political parties: None

Official name: Islands of Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno.

Capital: Adamstown, 48 residents (2007).

Government: Jonathan Sinclair, British High Commissioner in New Zealand has served as Governor of the Islands since August 2014. Shawn Christian has been Mayor of Pitcairn since January 2014.

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