Pitcairn Islands Facts

Pitcairn Island, a British colony in Polynesia, South Pacific; 50 km², 54 residents (2018).The main island of Pitcairn Island (4.5 km 2 ) with the main town of Adamstown is located 2 220 km southeast of Tahiti. Also included are the uninhabited islands of Henderson (37 km 2 ), Ducie (4 km 2 ) and Oeno (5 km 2 ).

Pitcairn Island is the world’s poorest territory with its own constitution. The people are Seventh-day Adventists and are descended from Bounty’s mythists who came to the island in 1790. Fishing, horticulture and crafts are the main industries.

Pitcairn Island is a British colony since 1838 but has retained its own laws, originally founded by John Adams, the last surviving mythist. You pay no tax. Stamp sales cover the common expenses.


The Pitcairn Islands are a British overseas territory, located in the Pacific between Peru and Polynesia. Covering a total the land area of 4.7 square kilometers, the residents are primarily Christian. The official language is English, the currency is that of New Zealand currency, and the capital is Adamstown.

Economy and cultural customs

The Pitcairn Islands do not have taxes, with government revenues gained from the sale of stamps and coins, investment profits, occasional grants from the United Kingdom, and fishing licenses from foreign vessels.