Cayman Islands Flag and Meaning

Flag of Cayman Islands

Flag of Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Flag Meaning


Cayman Islands Overview

Population 34,000
Currency Cayman dollars
Area 260 km²
Capital city Georgetown
Population density 130.7 residents/km²

The archipelago is located west of Jamaica and south of Cuba and is part of the major Antilles in the Caribbean. It consists of the island of Gran Cayman, where the majority of the population lives, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. The islands are of volcanic origin, the landscape is rocky but at the same time consists of significant coral deposits. The climate is tropical, rainy but slightly moderated by the ocean climate. The lack of sufficient quantities of fresh water is a serious problem for the country’s residents.

The people: 50% of the population are mulattoes (mixture), 25% are of European origin and 25% of African origin.

Religion: Mostly Protestant

Language: English

Political Parties: Democratic Progressive Party (DPP, Democratic Progressive Party). Local elections are formed by independent citizens up to the elections to the government bodies.

Official name: Cayman Islands

Administrative subdivision: 8 districts: Creek, Eastern, Midland, South Town, Spot Bay, Stake Bay, West End, Western.

Capital: George Town, 30,600 residents (2006).

Other Cities: West Bay, 9,800 residents; Bodden Town, 5,900 residents (2000)

Government: Helen Kilpatrick is Governor. Alden McLaughlin has been head of government affairs (prime minister) since May 2013. The Legislative Assembly has 18 members, 15 of whom are elected and 3 appointed by the governor

Armed Forces: Britain guarantees the country’s security. In addition, a police force exists to handle internal matters.