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Montenegro (Crna Gora) is a small country in southeastern Europe, on the banks of the Adriatic Sea. There are 614 thousand residents (2018). The capital is Podgorica and Cetinje is the former royal capital. The Republic of Montenegro declared its separation from Serbia on 3 June 2006, after the popular referendum of 21 May that year, on the status of the Republic, when 55% of Montenegro’s voters voted for independence. Before, it was part of the United State of Serbia and Montenegro, proclaimed in 2003. They were the remaining republics of the former Yugoslavia.

Montenegro Population

Montenegro Population

Montenegro achieved independence from Serbia after a referendum in 2006. The country struggles with large budget deficits...

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Montenegro, state of the Balkan Peninsula in southern Europe; 13,812 km², 622,000 residents (2019).Montenegro borders in the...