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The largest country in South America, Brazil also emerges as the most imposing in the region in terms of economic and international influence. Occupying 43.7% of the entire continent, the country – which is also the fifth largest in the world – disagrees with its brothers precisely because it had a Portuguese and not a Spanish colonization. It is still the eighth largest economy in the world and considered an emerging power, attracting many international businesses that almost always pass through São Paulo. Touristically speaking, due to its huge territory, the traveler can find a bit of everything here: ecotourism, cosmopolitan cities, historic municipalities and a lot of cultural miscellaneous. But it is the Brazilian coast – with its beautiful beaches – that ends up being the largest postcard in the country. Some of its most touristic cities are Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Florianópolis,

Capital: Brasilia

Population: 208.5 million

Territory: 8,515,767 km²

Official language: Portuguese

Currency: Real

Brazil Country Population

Brazil Population

Brazil is the largest country in South America and the largest economic power. The country has major...

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Brazil, State of South America; 8.6 million km², 209.5 million residents (2019).Brazil covers almost half of South...

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