Brazil Airports

As of 2019, there are 297 airports throughout the country of Brazil according to IATA and ICAO. Through the table below, you can find name of each airport, its abbreviation, city location, and size. Airports in Brazil are listed in alphabetical order. Please note that some airports serve internationally, while the other only serve domestically.

Airports in Brazil

List of All Airports in Brazil

# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 A. De Barros Airport PPB Presidente Prudente Small
2 Afonso Pena Airport CWB Curitiba Medium
3 Alenquer Airport ALT Alenquer Small
4 Almenara Airport AMJ Almenara Small
5 Alta Floresta Airport AFL Alta Floresta Small
6 Altamira Airport ATM Altamira Small
7 Alto Parnaiba Airport APY Alto Parnaiba Small
8 Anapolis Airport APS Anapolis Small
9 Apucarana Airport APU Apucarana Small
10 Aracaju Airport AJU Aracaju Medium
11 Aracatuba Airport ARU Aracatuba Small
12 Aragarcas Airport ARS Aragarcas Small
13 Araguaina Airport AUX Araguaina Small
14 Arapiraca Airport APQ Arapiraca Small
15 Arapongas Airport APX Arapongas Small
16 Arapoti Airport AAG Arapoti Small
17 Araraquara Airport AQA Araraquara Small
18 Araxa Airport AAX Araxa Small
19 Aripuana Airport AIR Aripuana Small
20 Ariquemes Airport AQM Ariquemes Small
21 Arraias Airport AAI Arraias Small
22 Aruja Airport ZFU Aruja Small
23 Assis Airport AIF Assis Small
24 Augusto Severo Airport NAT Natal Medium
25 Bacacheri Airport BFH Curitiba. Small
26 Bage Airport BGX Bage Small
27 Balsas Airport BSS Balsas Small
28 Barra Airport BQQ Barra Small
29 Barra Do Corda Airport BDC Barra Do Corda Small
30 Barra Do Garcas Airport BPG Barra Do Garcas Small
31 Barreiras Airport BRA Barreiras Small
32 Barreirinhas Airport BRB Barreirinhas Small
33 Barretos Airport BAT Barretos Small
34 Bartolomeu Lisandro Airport CAW Campos Small
35 Base Aerea Airport RIA Santa Maria Small
36 Bauru Airport BAU Bauru Small
37 Belmonte Airport BVM Belmonte Small
38 Belmonte Airport PVH Porto Velho Medium
39 Bento Goncalves Airport BGV Bento Goncalves Small
40 Blumenau Airport BNU Blumenau Small
41 Boa Vista Airport BVB Boa Vista Medium
42 Boca Do Acre Airport BCR Boca Do Acre Small
43 Bom Jesus Da Lapa Airport LAZ Bom Jesus Da Lapa Small
44 Bonito Airport BYO Bonito Small
45 Borba Airport RBB Borba Small
46 Braganca Paulista Airport BJP Braganca Paulista Small
47 Brasilia International Airport BSB Brasilia Medium
48 Breves Airport BVS Breves Small
49 Brumado Airport BMS Brumado Small
50 Buzios Airport BZC Buzios Small
51 Cabo Frio Airport CFB Cabo Frio Small
52 Cacador Airport CFC Cacador Small
53 Caceres Airport CCX Caceres Small
54 Cachoeira Airport CCQ Cachoeira Small
55 Cachoeiro Itapemirim Airport CDI Cachoeiro Itapemirim Small
56 Cacoal Airport OAL Cacoal Small
57 Caldas Novas Airport CLV Caldas Novas Small
58 Cameta Airport CMT Cameta Small
59 Camocim Airport CMC Camocim Small
60 Campinas International Airport CPQ Campinas Medium
61 Campo Alegre Airport CMP Santana Do Araguaia Small
62 Campo Dos Bugres Airport CXJ Caxias Do Sul Medium
63 Campo International Airport CZS Cruzeiro Do Sul Small
64 Campo Mourao Airport CBW Campo Mourao Small
65 Cana Brava Airport NBV Cana Brava Small
66 Canarana Airport CQA Canarana Small
67 Canavieiras Airport CNV Canavieiras Small
68 Cangapara Airport FLB Floriano Small
69 Carajas Airport CKS Carajas Small
70 Carauari Airport CAF Carauari Small
71 Caravelas Airport CRQ Caravelas Small
72 Carlos Ruhl Airport CZB Cruz Alta Small
73 Carolina Airport CLN Carolina Small
74 Caruaru Airport CAU Caruaru Small
75 Carutapera Airport CTP Carutapera Small
76 Cascavel Airport CAC Cascavel Small
77 Cassilandia Airport CSS Cassilandia Small
78 Castro Pinto Airport JPA Joao Pessoa Medium
79 Catalao Airport TLZ Catalao Small
80 Cataratas Airport IGU Iguassu Falls Medium
81 Chapada Diamantina Airport LEC Lencois Small
82 Chapeco Airport XAP Chapeco Medium
83 Coari Airport CIZ Coari Small
84 Colorado do Oeste Airport CSW Colorado do Oeste Small
85 Comandante Kraemer Airport ERM Erechim Small
86 Conceicao Do Araguaia Airport CDJ Conceicao Do Araguaia Small
87 Concordia Airport CCI Concordia Small
88 Confresa Airport STZ Santa Terezinha Small
89 Confreza Airport CFO Confreza Small
90 Congonhas Airport CGH Sao Paulo Medium
91 Cornelio Procopio Airport CKO Cornelio Procopio Small
92 Costa Marques Airport CQS Costa Marques Small
93 Criciuma Airport CCM Criciuma Small
94 Cubatao Airport JOI Joinville Medium
95 Cururupu Airport CPU Cururupu Small
96 Da Cachoeira Airport SJL Sao Gabriel Small
97 Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport SSA Salvador Medium
98 Diamantino Airport DMT Diamantino Small
99 Dianopolis Airport DNO Dianopolis Small
100 Divinopolis Airport DIQ Divinopolis Small
101 Dixsept Rosado Airport MVF Mossoro Small
102 Do Palmar Airport CTQ Santa Vitoria Small
103 Dos Galpoes Airport LVB Livramento Small
104 Dourados Airport DOU Dourados Small
105 Dr Gastao Vidigal Airport MII Marilia Small
106 Eduardo Gomes Airport IOS Ilheus Small
107 Eduardo Gomes Airport STM Santarem Small
108 Eduardo Gomes Airport UDI Uberlandia Small
109 Eduardo Gomes International Airport MAO Manaus Medium
110 Eirunepe Airport ERN Eirunepe Small
111 Ernesto Geisel Airport UMU Umuarama Small
112 Ernesto Pochler Airport URB Urubupunga Small
113 Espinosa Airport ESI Espinosa Small
114 Eurico Sales Airport VIX Vitoria Medium
115 Federal Airport ALQ Alegrete Small
116 Federal Airport PET Pelotas Small
117 Feijo Airport FEJ Feijo Small
118 Feira De Santana Airport FEC Feira De Santana Small
119 Fernando De Noronha Airport FEN Fernando De Noronha Medium
120 Franca Airport FRC Franca Small
121 Francisco Beltrao Airport FBE Francisco Beltrao Small
122 Francisco De Assis Airport JDF Juiz De Fora Small
123 Governador Valadares Airport GVR Governador Valadares Small
124 Gravatai Airport GCV Gravatai Small
125 Guadalupe Airport GDP Guadalupe Small
126 Guajara-Mirim Airport GJM Guajara-Mirim Small
127 Guanambi Airport GNM Guanambi Small
128 Guarapari Airport GUZ Guarapari Small
129 Guararapes International Airport REC Recife Medium
130 Guaratingueta Airport GUJ Guaratingueta Small
131 Guarulhos International Airport GRU Sao Paulo Large
132 Guimaraes Airport GMS Guimaraes Small
133 Gurupi Airport GRP Gurupi Small
134 Helmuth Baungartem Airport LOI Lontras Small
135 Hercilio Luz Airport FLN Florianopolis Medium
136 Horizontina Airport HRZ Horizontina Small
137 Ilha Solteira Airport ILB Ilha Solteira Small
138 Imperatriz Airport IMP Imperatriz Small
139 Internacional Airport CGR Campo Grande Small
140 Internacional Airport CMG Corumba Small
141 Internacional Airport MCP Macapa Medium
142 Internacional Airport PNZ Petrolina Medium
143 Internacional Airport TBT Tabatinga Small
144 Ipiau Airport IPU Ipiau Small
145 Ipiranga Airport IPG Ipiranga Small
146 Irece Airport IRE Irece Small
147 Itabuna Airport ITN Itabuna Small
148 Itacoatiara Airport ITA Itacoatiara Small
149 Itaituba Airport ITB Itaituba Small
150 Itambacuri Airport ITI Itambacuri Small
151 Itaperuna Airport ITP Itaperuna Small
152 Itaqui Airport ITQ Itaqui Small
153 Itauba Airport AUB Itauba Small
154 Itubera Airport ITE Itubera Small
155 Itumbiara Airport ITR Itumbiara Small
156 J.Batista Bos Filho Airport IJU Ijui Small
157 Jacareacanga Airport JCR Jacareacanga Small
158 Jacobina Airport JCM Jacobina Small
159 Jales Airport JLS Jales Small
160 Januaria Airport JNA Januaria Small
161 Jatai Airport JTI Jatai Small
162 Jequie Airport JEQ Jequie Small
163 Ji-Parana Airport JPR Ji-Parana Small
164 Joacaba Airport JCB Joacaba Small
165 Joao Suassuna Airport CPV Campina Grande Small
166 Juara Airport JUA Juara Small
167 Juina Airport JIA Juina Small
168 Juruena Airport JRN Juruena Small
169 Labrea Airport LBR Labrea Small
170 Lages Airport LAJ Lages Small
171 Leite Lopes Airport RAO Ribeirao Preto Small
172 Leopoldina Airport LEP Leopoldina Small
173 Lins Airport LIP Lins Small
174 Londrina Airport LDB Londrina Medium
175 Macae Airport MEA Macae Small
176 Major Brigadier Trompowsky Airport VAG Varginha Small
177 Mal. Cunha Machado Airport SLZ Sao Luiz Medium
178 Manicore Airport MNX Manicore Small
179 Maraba Airport MAB Maraba Small
180 Marechal Rondon International Airport CGB Cuiaba Small
181 Mato Grosso Airport MTG Mato Grosso Small
182 Matupa Airport MBK Matupa Small
183 Maues Airport MBZ Maues Small
184 Miracema Do Norte Airport NTM Miracema Do Norte Small
185 Monte Alegre Airport MTE Monte Alegre Small
186 Monte Dourado Airport MEU Monte Dourado Small
187 Montes Claros Airport MOC Montes Claros Small
188 Mucuri Airport MVS Mucuri Small
189 Municipal Airport MQH Minacu Small
190 Municipal Airport PNG Paranagua Small
191 Municipal Airport PTO Pato Branco Small
192 Municipal Airport PDR Presidente Dutra Small
193 Municipal Airport VLP Vila Rica Small
194 Municipal Airport XIG Xinguara Small
195 Nanuque Airport NNU Nanuque Small
196 Navegantes Airport NVT Navegantes Medium
197 Niquelandia Airport NQL Niquelandia Small
198 Nova Xavantina Airport NOK Nova Xavantina Small
199 Novo Aripuana Airport NVP Novo Aripuana Small
200 Obidos Airport OBI Obidos Small
201 Oiapoque Airport OYK Oiapoque Small
202 Oriximina Airport ORX Oriximina Small
203 Ourilandia Airport OIA Ourilandia Small
204 Ourinhos Airport OUS Ourinhos Small
205 Palmares Airport MCZ Maceio Medium
206 Palmas Airport PMW Palmas Small
207 Pampulha Airport PLU Belo Horizonte Medium
208 Paranaiba Airport PBB Paranaiba Small
209 Paranavai Airport PVI Paranavai Small
210 Parintins Airport PIN Parintins Small
211 Passo Fundo Airport PFB Passo Fundo Medium
212 Passos Airport PSW Passos Small
213 Patos De Minas Airport POJ Patos De Minas Small
214 Paulo Afonso Airport PAV Paulo Afonso Small
215 Picos Airport PCS Picos Small
216 Pimenta Bueno Airport PBQ Pimenta Bueno Small
217 Pinheiro Airport PHI Pinheiro Small
218 Pinto Martins Airport FOR Fortaleza Medium
219 Pirapora Airport PIV Pirapora Small
220 Pitinga Airport PIG Pitinga Small
221 Pocos De Caldas Airport POO Pocos De Caldas Small
222 Ponta Pelada Airport PLL Ponta Pelada Small
223 Ponta Pora International Airport PMG Ponta Pora Small
224 Pontes e Lacerda Airport LCB Pontes e Lacerda Small
225 Porto Alegre Do Norte Airport PBX Porto Alegre Do Norte Small
226 Porto de Moz Airport PTQ Porto de Moz Small
227 Porto Dos Gauchos Airport PBV Porto Dos Gauchos Small
228 Porto Nacional Airport PNB Porto Nacional Small
229 Porto Seguro Airport BPS Porto Seguro Medium
230 Pouso Alegre Airport PPY Pouso Alegre Small
231 Prado Airport PDF Prado Small
232 Pres. Medici Airport RBR Rio Branco Medium
233 Progresso Airport PGG Progresso Small
234 Redencao Airport RDC Redencao Small
235 Regional De Maringa Airport MGF Maringa Medium
236 Regional Do Cariri Airport JDO Juazeiro Do Norte Small
237 Resende Airport REZ Resende Small
238 Rio de Janeiro-Galeão International Airport GIG Rio De Janeiro Large
239 Rio Grande Airport RIG Rio Grande Small
240 Rio Verde Airport RVD Rio Verde Small
241 Rondonopolis Airport ROO Rondonopolis Small
242 Ruben Berta Airport URG Uruguaiana Small
243 Salgado Filho Airport POA Porto Alegre Medium
244 Santa Cruz Airport SNZ Santa Cruz Small
245 Santa Cruz Do Sul Airport CSU Santa Cruz Do Sul Small
246 Santa Fe Do Sul Airport SFV Santa Fe Do Sul Small
247 Santa Genoveva Airport GYN Goiania Medium
248 Santa Isabel do Morro Airport IDO Santa Isabel do Morro Small
249 Santa Rosa Airport SRA Santa Rosa Small
250 Santos Airport SSZ Santos Small
251 Santos Dumont Airport PHB Parnaiba Small
252 Santos Dumont Airport SDU Rio De Janeiro Medium
253 Sao Felix Do Araguaia Airport SXO Sao Felix Do Araguaia Small
254 Sao Felix Do Xingu Airport SXX Sao Felix Do Xingu Small
255 Sao Jose Do Rio Preto Airport SJP Sao Jose Do Rio Preto Small
256 Sao Jose Dos Campos Airport SJK Sao Jose Dos Campos Small
257 Sao Lourenco Airport SSO Sao Lourenco Small
258 Sao Lourenco Do Sul Airport SQY Sao Lourenco Do Sul Small
259 Sao Mateus Airport SBJ Sao Mateus Small
260 Sao Miguel Araguaia Airport SQM Sao Miguel Araguaia Small
261 Sao Miguel Do Oeste Airport SQX Sao Miguel Do Oeste Small
262 Sena Madureira Airport ZMD Sena Madureira Small
263 Senhor Do Bonfim Airport SEI Senhor Do Bonfim Small
264 Sepe Tiaraju Airport GEL Santo Angelo Small
265 Serra Norte Airport RRN Serra Norte Small
266 Serra Pelada Airport RSG Serra Pelada Small
267 Sinop Airport OPS Sinop Small
268 Sorocaba Airport SOD Sorocaba Small
269 Soure Airport SFK Soure Small
270 Suia-Missu Airport SWM Suia-Missu Small
271 Sumare Airport RWS Sumare Small
272 Tancredo Neves (Confins) International Airport CNF Belo Horizonte Medium
273 Tancredo Thomaz Faria Airport GPB Guarapuava Small
274 Tangara da Serra Airport TGQ Tangara da Serra Small
275 Tarauaca Airport TRQ Tarauaca Small
276 Tefe Airport TFF Tefe Small
277 Teixeira de Freitas Airport TXF Teixeira de Freitas Small
278 Telemaco Borba Airport TEC Telemaco Borba Small
279 Teofilo Otoni Airport TFL Teofilo Otoni Small
280 Teresina Airport THE Teresina Medium
281 Toledo Airport TOW Toledo Small
282 Torres Airport TSQ Torres Small
283 Trombetas Airport TMT Trombetas Small
284 Tucuma Airport TUZ Tucuma Small
285 Tucurui Airport TUR Tucurui Small
286 Ubatuba Airport UBT Ubatuba Small
287 Uberaba Airport UBA Uberaba Small
288 Una Airport UNA Una Small
289 Usiminas Airport IPN Ipatinga Small
290 Val De Cans Airport BEL Belem Medium
291 Valenca Airport VAL Valenca Small
292 Videira Airport VIA Videira Small
293 Vilhena Airport BVH Vilhena Small
294 Viracopos Airport VCP Sao Paulo Small
295 Vitoria Da Conquista Airport VDC Vitoria Da Conquista Small
296 Votuporanga Airport VOT Votuporanga Small
297 Xanxere Airport AXE Xanxere Small

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