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The Republic of the Union of Myanmar, formerly called Burma, is a country in Southeast Asia, bathed by the Bay of Bengal. It has 2,276 km of coastline. There are 57 million residents (2016). About 88% of the population is Buddhist. Since 2006, the capital is Naypyitaw (pronounced naipitó), replacing Yangon, the largest city. This is the spelling adopted by the Government of Myanmar for the Latin alphabet, based on the phonetics of the English language, which is used as an international language in the country. Better not to contribute. Buddhism arrived in Myanmar in the Middle Ages. In 1287, the country was invaded by the Mongols. In the 16th century, Portuguese established a trading post near Yangon. In the 19th century, it became British domain and was administered as part of British India, until 1937. Independence was achieved in 1948. In 2016, after decades of military rule, a democratically elected civilian government took office.

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Burma, also known as Myanmar, Republic of Southeast Asia; 677,000 km2, 53.7 million residents (2019).Burma borders north and...