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Palestine is currently a recognized state by some nations and international institutions. Since 2012, he has participated in the United Nations as an observer state, but has not yet been accepted as a member. The region concerning the current territories of Palestine and Israel had its heyday in the biblical times of the kingdoms of David (c. 970 BC) and Solomon (c. 930 BC). But the Jews were expelled, by the Romans, in the year 70 of the first century of the Christian Era. Jews spread throughout the world and other Semitic peoples occupied their territory. In the centuries that followed, Jews continued to be united by religion, but without a country of their own, although some families remained in ancient Judea. With the fall of the Roman Empire, Palestine was dominated by the Arabs. From the 16th century until 1917, it was part of the Ottoman Empire. After 1917, the winning powers of the First World War handed over Palestine to the UK administration. With British rule, many Jewish families emigrated to Palestine. After the Second World War Holocaust, many surviving Jews desperately sought to form their own nation. Since the end of the 19th century, the Zionist Movement has tried to form a Jewish state in Palestine. In 1947, a UN session, chaired by the Brazilian Oswaldo Aranha, approved the creation of two states in Palestine: a Jew and an Arab. However, the Arabs rejected the agreement, resulting in the conflicts that continue today. Currently, the area assigned to Palestine is the territories of the West Bank (West Bank) and the Gaza Strip (Gaza Strip). See map below, with the historical evolution of the territory.

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Flag of Palestine Palestine Flag Meaning   Palestine Overview Population 3.0 million currency Area 6,220 km2 Capital...

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Palestine has been occupied by Israel since 1967, fighting for its independence. Internal division between the two...