What is the Capital of Papua New Guinea? Port Moresby

Papua New Guinea Port Moresby

Port Moresby, capital of Papua New Guinea. The city is located on the southeast coast of New Guinea, in the province’s National Capital District. 307,643 residents were registered in 2009. Port Moresby is Papua New Guinea’s administrative and commercial center. The city has an international airport – Jackson’s International Airport. The University of Papua New Guinea was founded in 1966.

Located in an area of ​​tropical savannah climate, it is the place in Papua New Guinea where it rains the least. The original town center, known as “Town”, consists mainly of office buildings. The house, the university and a number of hotels are located in an area a short distance away called Waigiani. Boroko is another important area of ​​the city with shops and restaurants.

In 2018, the APEC meeting was held in Port Moresby, and a major congress center was developed in the popular Ela Beach recreation area.


Port Mores Village is built around an original village called Hanuabada, which belongs to the Motu people group. The language Motu speaking also became a lingua franca in Papua New Guinea, and is today one of the country’s three official languages. The name was given to the city by Captain John Moresby in 1873.

Port Moresby was made the capital when British Papua and former German New Guinea (under Australian rule since 1918) were merged into one territory under Australian administration. The city remained the capital when the country became independent in 1975.

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