Pakistan Airports

As of 2019, there are 62 airports throughout the country of Pakistan according to IATA and ICAO. Through the table below, you can find name of each airport, its abbreviation, city location, and size. Airports in Pakistan are listed in alphabetical order. Please note that some airports serve internationally, while the other only serve domestically.

Airports in Pakistan

List of All Airports in Pakistan

# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Abbottabad Airport AAW Abbottabad Small
2 Attock Airport ATG Attock Small
3 Bahawalnagar Airport WGB Bahawalnagar Small
4 Bahawalpur Airport BHV Bahawalpur Small
5 Bannu Airport BNP Bannu Small
6 Bhagatanwala Apt Airport BHW Sargodha Small
7 Campbellpore Airport CWP Campbellpore Small
8 Chilas Airport CHB Chilas Small
9 Chitral Airport CJL Chitral Small
10 Dadu Airport DDU Dadu Small
11 Dalbandin Airport DBA Dalbandin Small
12 Dera Ghazi Khan Airport DEA Dera Ghazi Khan Small
13 Dera Ismail Khan Airport DSK Dera Ismail Khan Small
14 Faisalabad Airport LYP Faisalabad Small
15 Gilgit Airport GIL Gilgit Small
16 Gujrat Airport GRT Gujrat Small
17 Gwadar Airport GWD Gwadar Small
18 Hyderabad Airport HDD Hyderabad Small
19 Islamabad International Airport ISB Islamabad Large
20 Jacobabad Airport JAG Jacobabad Small
21 Jiwani Airport JIW Jiwani Small
22 Kadanwari Airport KCF Kadanwari Small
23 Kalat Airport KBH Kalat Small
24 Khuzdar Airport KDD Khuzdar Small
25 Kohat Airport OHT Kohat Small
26 Lahore Airport LHE Lahore Medium
27 Lora Lai Airport LRG Lora Lai Small
28 Mangla Airport XJM Mangla Small
29 Mansehra Airport HRA Mansehra Small
30 Mianwali Airport MWD Mianwali Small
31 Mirpur Khas Airport MPD Mirpur Khas Small
32 Mohenjodaro Airport MJD Mohenjodaro Small
33 Multan Airport MUX Multan Small
34 Muzaffarabad Airport MFG Muzaffarabad Small
35 Nawabshah Airport WNS Nawabshah Small
36 Nushki Airport NHS Nushki Small
37 Ormara Airport ORW Ormara Small
38 Panjgur Airport PJG Panjgur Small
39 Para Chinar Airport PAJ Para Chinar Small
40 Pasni Airport PSI Pasni Small
41 Peshawar Airport PEW Peshawar Medium
42 Quaid-E-Azam International Airport KHI Karachi Large
43 Quetta Airport UET Quetta Small
44 Rahim Yar Khan Airport RYK Rahim Yar Khan Small
45 Rawala Kot Airport RAZ Rawala Kot Small
46 Sahiwal Airport SWN Sahiwal Small
47 Saidu Sharif Airport SDT Saidu Sharif Small
48 Sargodha Apt Airport SGI Sargodha Small
49 Sawan Airport RZS Sawan Small
50 Sehwen Sharif Airport SYW Sehwen Sharif Small
51 Shikarpur Airport SWV Shikarpur Small
52 Sialkot Airport SKT Sialkot Small
53 Sibi Airport SBQ Sibi Small
54 Skardu Airport KDU Skardu Small
55 Sui Airport SUL Sui Small
56 Sukkur Airport SKZ Sukkur Small
57 Taftan Airport TFT Taftan Small
58 Talhar Airport BDN Badin Small
59 Tarbela Airport TLB Tarbela Small
60 Turbat Airport TUK Turbat Small
61 Wana Airport WAF Wana Small
62 Zhob Airport PZH Zhob Small

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