Mauritius Overview

Country Profile

Mauritius is located in the southeast Indian Ocean, Africa, the full name of the Republic of Mauritius. An area of 2040 square meter line, the population l 21 million, mainly Indian and Pakistani descent. Residents are Hindu, Christian and Islam. The main official language is English, French is also widely used. Currency of Rs. The capital Port Louis.

Mauritius National Flag

The Mauritius flag has red, blue yellow and green horizontal stripes. Red symbolizes the strong stand in the freedom struggle, blue represents the Indian Ocean, yellow the light shining symbol of an independent island nation, and green agriculture.

Mauritius Country Flag

History Summary

It was originally a desert island, but in 1598 the Dutch began to rule, calling it “Mauritius.” In 1715, it was occupied by France and renamed the “Ile de France.” In 1814, it became a British colony. Since then, the United Kingdom from the Americas, Africa, India moved into a large number of slaves, prisoners and freemen to this reclamation. On May 12, 1968, there was a declaration of independence and a constitutional monarchy was established on instructions from the British Queen as head of state. In May 1992, it became a republic, with the president as head of state.

Economy and Culture Overview

Mauritius is a shipping hub between the south Atlantic and Indian Oceans and is known as the “key to the Indian Ocean Gateway.” It is also known as “sweet island.” Sugar cane cultivation and the sugar industry are the economic entities. Sugar, exports, tourism and financial services are the four major economic pillars of Mauritius. It offers free medical care, free education and a welfare policy.

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

Pamplemousses is Mauritius’s oldest botanical garden. Built in 1769, it has 2 to 3 square km of the island with a variety of tropical rare plants, some with leaves the sizes of umbrellas. Some of the rows of palm trees take a hundred years before they flower once, and grow up to 3 m. There are towering trees and majestic giant banyan tree aerial roots and a variety of flowers and herbs.

Mauritius Map

Mauritius Map

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