What is the Capital of Anguilla? The Valley

The Valley is the capital of Anguilla, and has 1169 residents (2001). The center consists of the area around The Quarter in the east and Georg Hill in the west. There are a few historic buildings such as the Anglican St. Mary’s Anglican Church, the old wooden houses of Miss Marjorie Hodge’s Homestead and The Warden’s Place, the ruins of the Old Court House on Crocus Hill.

In addition to administrative buildings, hospitals, post offices and banks, there is also a museum “Anguilla Natural Trust Museum” which, among other things, shows archeological finds from the Arawak period and works from the island’s history.

Just outside the city is also the courtyard Wallblake House, built in 1787, which is still used as a rectory to the nearby church of St. Gerard’s Catholic Church.

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