What is the Capital of Mali? Bamako

Bamako is the capital of Mali and is located on the upper course of the Niger River. The city has approx. 1 800 000 residents (2012). As Mali’s capital and largest city, Bamako is the administrative center as well as an important market town and river port. The city has occasional rail links to Dakar (Senegal) and international airport.

When French colonialists conquered this area ca. In 1880, Bamako was only a village with a few hundred residents. Especially in recent decades, the population of Bamako has grown rapidly. However, the population is uncertain because many live in the city without registering, and the statistics are deficient. The main market in Bamako is one of Africa’s largest.

Bamako has a rich music and student life associated with universities and several higher education institutions. From September 2017, Norway has its own embassy in Bamako. Many international aid organizations are also represented with their own offices in Bamako. The city has National Museum, Botanical and Zoological Gardens.

Somalia Location Map

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