Sweden Airports

As of 2019, there are 64 airports throughout the country of Sweden according to IATA and ICAO. Through the table below, you can find name of each airport, its abbreviation, city location, and size. Airports in Sweden are listed in alphabetical order. Please note that some airports serve internationally, while the other only serve domestically.

Airports in Sweden

List of All Airports in Sweden

# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Alvesta Airport XXA Alvesta Small
2 Angelholm Airport AGH Angelholm/Helsingborg Medium
3 Arlanda Airport ARN Stockholm Huge
4 Arvidsjaur Airport AJR Arvidsjaur Medium
5 Avesta Krylbo Airport XYP Avesta Krylbo Small
6 Axamo Airport JKG Jonkoping Medium
7 Bromma Airport BMA Stockholm Medium
8 Dala Airport BLE Borlange/Falun Small
9 Enkoping Airport XWQ Enkoping Small
10 Eskilstuna Airport EKT Eskilstuna Small
11 Flen Airport XYI Flen Small
12 Froesoe Airport OSD Ostersund Medium
13 Gallivare Airport GEV Gallivare Small
14 Gunnarn Airport SQO Storuman Small
15 Hagfors Airport HFS Hagfors Small
16 Halmstad Airport HAD Halmstad Small
17 Hassleholm Airport XWP Hassleholm Small
18 Hedemora Airport XXU Hedemora Small
19 Hemavan Airport HMV Hemavan Small
20 Herrljunga Airport XYC Herrljunga Small
21 Hovby Airport LDK Lidkoping Small
22 Hudiksvall Airport HUV Hudiksvall Small
23 Hultsfred Airport HLF Hultsfred Small
24 Idre Airport IDB Idre Small
25 Kallax Airport LLA Lulea Medium
26 Kallinge Airport RNB Ronneby Medium
27 Kalmar Airport KLR Kalmar Medium
28 Karlshamn Airport XYO Karlshamn Small
29 Karlskoga Airport KSK Karlskoga Small
30 Karlstad Airport KSD Karlstad Small
31 Katrineholm Airport XXK Katrineholm Small
32 Khanty-Mansiysk Airport HMA Khanty-Mansiysk Small
33 Kiruna Airport KRN Kiruna Medium
34 Kramfors Airport KRF Kramfors Small
35 Kristianstad Airport KID Kristianstad Small
36 Kungsangen Airport NRK Norrkoping Small
37 Landvetter Airport GOT Gothenburg Large
38 Linkoping Airport LPI Linkoping Small
39 Lycksele Airport LYC Lycksele Small
40 Mora Airport MXX Mora Small
41 Nykoping Airport XWZ Nykoping Small
42 Orebro-Bofors Airport ORB Orebro Small
43 Ornskoldsvik Airport OER Ornskoldsvik Medium
44 Oskarshamn Airport OSK Oskarshamn Small
45 Pajala Airport PJA Pajala Small
46 Saeve Airport GSE Gothenburg Medium
47 Sala Airport XYX Sala Small
48 Sandviken Airport GVX Gavle Small
49 Skavsta Airport NYO Stockholm Medium
50 Skelleftea Airport SFT Skelleftea Medium
51 Skovde Airport KVB Skovde Small
52 Soderhamn Airport SOO Soderhamn Small
53 Solvesborg Airport XYU Solvesborg Small
54 Sturup Airport MMX Malmo Medium
55 Sundsvall/Harnosand Airport SDL Sundsvall Medium
56 Sveg Airport EVG Sveg Small
57 Torsby Airport TYF Torsby Small
58 Trollhattan Airport THN Trollhattan Small
59 Umea Airport UME Umea Medium
60 Vasteras/Hasslo Airport VST Stockholm Medium
61 Vastervik Airport VVK Vastervik Small
62 Vaxjo Airport VXO Vaxjo Medium
63 Vilhelmina Airport VHM Vilhelmina Small
64 Visby Airport VBY Visby Small

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