Malaysia Airports

As of 2019, there are 62 airports throughout the country of Malaysia according to IATA and ICAO. Through the table below, you can find name of each airport, its abbreviation, city location, and size. Airports in Malaysia are listed in alphabetical order. Please note that some airports serve internationally, while the other only serve domestically.

Airports in Malaysia

List of All Airports in Malaysia

# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Alor Setar Airport AOR Alor Setar Medium
2 Bakalalan Airport BKM Bakalalan Small
3 Bario Airport BBN Bario Small
4 Batu Berendum Airport MKZ Malacca Small
5 Belaga Airport BLG Belaga Small
6 Bintulu Airport BTU Bintulu Medium
7 Butterworth Airport BWH Butterworth Small
8 Genting Airport GTB Genting Small
9 Kapit Airport KPI Kapit Small
10 Keningau Airport KGU Keningau Small
11 Kerteh Airport KTE Kerteh Small
12 Kota Kinabalu Airport BKI Kota Kinabalu Medium
13 Kuala Lumpur International Airport / KLIA KUL Kuala Lumpur Huge
14 Kuching Airport KCH Kuching Medium
15 Kudat Airport KUD Kudat Small
16 Labuan Airport LBU Labuan Medium
17 Lahad Datu Airport LDU Lahad Datu Medium
18 Langkawi Airport LGK Langkawi Medium
19 Lawas Airport LWY Lawas Small
20 Lawas Airport LSM Long Semado Small
21 Layang Airstrip LAC Pulau Layang Small
22 Limbang Airport LMN Limbang Small
23 Long Akah Airport LKH Long Akah Small
24 Long Banga Airfield LBP Long Banga Small
25 Long Lama Airport LLM Long Lama Small
26 Long Lellang Airport LGL Long Lellang Small
27 Long Pasia Airport GSA Long Pasia Small
28 Long Seridan Airport ODN Long Seridan Small
29 Long Sukang Airport LSU Long Sukang Small
30 LTS Pulau Redang Airport RDN Redang Small
31 Marudi Airport MUR Marudi Small
32 Mersing Airport MEP Mersing Small
33 Miri Airport MYY Miri Medium
34 Mostyn Airport MZS Mostyn Small
35 Mukah Airport MKM Mukah Small
36 Mulu Airport MZV Mulu Small
37 Pamol Airport PAY Pamol Small
38 Pangkor Airport PKG Pangkor Small
39 Penang International Airport PEN Penang Large
40 Pengkalan Chepa Airport KBR Kota Bharu Medium
41 Ranau Airport RNU Ranau Small
42 Sahabat 16 Airport SXS Sahabat 16 Small
43 Sandakan Airport SDK Sandakan Medium
44 Sematan Airport BSE Sematan Small
45 Semporna Airport SMM Semporna Small
46 Senai International Airport JHB Johor Bahru Medium
47 Sepulot Airport SPE Sepulot Small
48 Sibu Airport SBW Sibu Medium
49 Simanggang Airport SGG Simanggang Small
50 Sipitang Airport SPT Sipitang Small
51 Sitiawan Airport SWY Sitiawan Small
52 Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (Subang) Airport SZB Kuala Lumpur Small
53 Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport KUA Kuantan Medium
54 Sultan Azlan Shah Airport IPH Ipoh Medium
55 Sultan Mahmood Airport TGG Kuala Terengganu Medium
56 Sungei Tekai Airport GTK Sungei Tekai Small
57 Taiping Airport TPG Taiping Small
58 Taman Negara Airport SXT Taman Negara Small
59 Tawau Airport TWU Tawau Medium
60 Telupid Airport TEL Telupid Small
61 Tioman Airport TOD Tioman Small
62 Tomanggong Airport TMG Tomanggong Small

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