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The Germanic tribes of antiquity challenged the Roman Empire. In the 16th century, the Germans led the Christian Protestant movement against the Catholic Church. In the 19th century, many Germans migrated to America. The first German colony, in Brazil, was the Colony of Leopoldina, south of Bahia, installed in 1818. In the 20th century, Germany was twice defeated in the world wars. It rose from the ashes to become the most populous and richest European nation. Located in the heart of Europe, Germany is the most populous and richest nation on the continent. The capital is Berlin.

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Germany Flag and Meaning

Flag of Germany Germany Flag Meaning The German flag has three equally wide horizontal bands in black,...

Germany Country Population

Germany Population

Germany has played a key role in world history. The country is the world’s fourth largest economy,...

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Germany Airports

As of 2019, there are 104 airports throughout the country of Germany according to IATA and ICAO....

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Germany, a republic in Northern Central Europe; 357,022 km2, 82.9 million residents (2019).The German Federal Republic was...

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Embassies of Germany

List of all Germany embassies and consulates in foreign countries or regions, including the city where it...