Kassel-Calden Airport (KSF)

The Kassel-Calden airport is northwest of Kassel in northern Hesse. The airfield was opened in 1970 and was expanded into a regional airport from 2006 to 2013 following resolutions by the regional government and the Hessian state government. 50% of the owners are the state of Hesse, the city and district of Kassel and the municipality of Calden each with 16.67%. The operator is Flughafen GmbH Kassel.

Currently only seasonal charter flights from Kassel are offered, including to Mallorca, Antalya or Tenerife.

  • URL: Kassel-Calden (KSF)
  • Time zone: GMT 1
  • Service phone: +49 (0) 5674 2153-0
  • Address: Kassel-Calden Airport, Fieseler-Storch-Strasse 40, 34379 Calden, Germany
  • Operator: Flughafen GmbH Kassel
  • Parking: yes, free of charge
  • Nearby cities: Kassel (13 km), Göttingen (41 km), Paderborn (54 km), Bielefeld (91 km), Hildesheim (92 km)
  • Transport connection: Bundesstraße 7
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (10.34%), Tuesday (10.34%), Wednesday (20.69%), Thursday (10.34%), Friday (10.34%), Saturday (24.14%), Sunday (13.79%)
  • other spellings: chasuble, Кассель, Касел, Касель, Κάσσελ, كاسل, کاسل, קאסל, კასელი, คั ส เซิ ล, 카셀, カ ッ セ ル, 卡塞尔, 卡塞爾

Most popular destinations from Kassel-Calden (flights per week)

  1. Palma de Mallorca(3, 25.00%)
  2. Antalya(2, 16.67%)
  3. Fuerteventura(2, 16.67%)
  4. Crete – Heraklion(2, 16.67%)
  5. Hurghada International(2, 16.67%)
  6. other (8.33%)

The Kassel airfield, which went into operation in 1970, is located about 14 kilometers northwest of the city center of Kassel. It is connected to the B7 federal highway. Visitors coming from the A 44 motorway, take the Breuna exit and drive the B7 towards Niederlistingen. The airport can be reached from the A 49 motorway via the Kassel Südkreuz on the A 44 in the direction of Dortmund, taking the Zierenberg exit in the direction of Calden.

In the future, Kassel-Calden Airport will be located 2 km northeast of the current airport in the Grebenstein and Calden areas. In summary, it can be said that the airfield was built on the Langen and Staufenberg plates. This lies between the Calden core town in the south and the Grebenstein district of Schachten in the north-northwest. Kassel-Calden Airport is located northeast of the B7 and is about 265 m above sea level. NN. In addition, up to 750 free parking spaces are available to travelers.

The Kassel-Waldau airfield was opened for the first time in August 1924. The airport was then in the area of ​​the municipality of Lohfelden. In the 1950s there was not much interest in further expanding the airport, as Kassel is very well connected due to traffic. In spite of everything, the new “Kassel Airport” was opened on July 11, 1970. Well-known airlines throughout the history of Kassel Airport were: General Air and Ostfriesische Lufttransport. In addition, the traffic area is the basis of Businesswings. The new planning for Kassel-Calden Airport began in 2000. The aim was to develop the previous airport into a fully-fledged regional airport.

In the course of its history, the airport was used as a car racing track from 1971 to 1987. The so-called airfield races were very well known. Many national and international motorcycle races also took place there. The most famous participants include: Reinhold Roth, Toni Mang and Martin Wimmer.

Statistical historical weather data for Kassel-Calden

Maximum Temperature °C Mean Temperature °C Lowest Temperature °C
Jan 2.3 0.1 -2.4
Feb 3.9 0.9 -2.1
Mar 9.0 4.7 0.6
Apr 13.8 8.9 4.1
May 18.4 13.3 7.8
Jun 21.7 16.5 11.1
Jul 23.3 17.9 12.8
Aug 23.0 17.4 12.4
Sep 19.7 14.3 9.8
Oct 13.5 9.2 5.6
Nov 7.6 5.0 2.4
Dec 3.6 1.6 -0.7