Erfurt-Weimar Airport (ERF)

The Erfurt-Weimar Airport is the main commercial airport of the German state of Thuringia. The extremely important regional airport mainly serves passengers in the vicinity.

The operator of Erfurt Airport, Flughafen Erfurt GmbH, is a joint project between the Free State and the state capital of Erfurt.

  • URL: Erfurt – Weimar (ERF)
  • Time zone: GMT 1
  • Service phone: +49 361 656 22-00
  • Address: Erfurt-Weimar Airport, Binderslebener Landstrasse 100, 99092 Erfurt
  • Operator: Flughafen Erfurt GmbH
  • Parking spaces: yes, chargeable, approx. 1600 short and long-term parking spaces, 30 minutes in the parking lot and 20 minutes in the parking garage are free.
  • Nearby cities: Erfurt (5 km), Jena (44 km), Gera (80 km), Halle-Neustadt (88 km), Halle (93 km), Göttingen (94 km)
  • Transport connections: A71 motorway (Erfurt-Bindersleben exit) and federal highways 4 and 7
  • Train connections: Tram connection to Erfurt main station with tram line 4
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (20.35%), Tuesday (11.50%), Wednesday (5.31%), Thursday (28.32%), Friday (14.16%), Saturday (9.73%), Sunday (10.62%)
  • other spellings: Эрфурт, Ερφούρτη, Ерфурт, ארפורט, ارفورت, 에르푸르트, 埃尔福特, 愛爾福特, 爱尔福特, एरफ़र्ट, エ ル フ ル ト

Top airlines (share of take-offs / landings)

  1. Pegasus Airlines(7, 46.67%)
  2. Corendon Airlines(4, 26.67%)
  3. other (26.67%)

The airport, which opened in 1935, is located approx. 6 kilometers east of the city center on Landstrasse 1043 in the Bindersleben district. Drivers can reach the airport, ideally either via the A71 motorway at the Erfurt-Bindersleben exit or via the federal highways 4 and 7, all of which have a direct connection to Landstrasse 1043.

The Erfurt transport company tram line 4 runs daily between Erfurt main train station and the airport, the journey time is approx. 25 minutes. You can find out the current departure times either directly on site or on the Internet.

The first civilian airfield in Erfurt was built in 1925 on the northern edge of Erfurt and was positively received by the population. Just three years later, what was then Lufthansa was already offering fourteen regular scheduled flight connections. In 1929, the onset of the global economic crisis also reached the city of Erfurt and the number of passengers dropped considerably, so the airport slowly lost its importance until the outbreak of war, and it was not until 1956 that it was put back into operation by sports aviation.

Today’s airfield in Bindersleben, on the other hand, was opened in 1935, after the end of the war the Soviet allies took over the airport and handed it over to the then Deutsche Lufthansa der DDR in 1956, which was renamed Interflug in 1963. In the following two oil crises between 1973 and 1980, civil air traffic collapsed once again and the airport lost its importance with around 10,000 passengers per year. Only after reunification was air traffic resumed with regular scheduled flights to Berlin and Frankfurt. In addition, after the unification agreement, larger sums were invested in the expansion and renovation of the airport site. Currently, Erfurt mainly offers charter flight connections in seasonal tourism, such as to Palma de Mallorca, Tenerife or Antalya.

Statistical historical weather data for Erfurt – Weimar

Maximum Temperature °C Mean Temperature °C Lowest Temperature °C
Jan 2.0 -0.5 -3.1
Feb 3.9 0.2 -2.0
Mar 7.7 3.4 -0.2
Apr 13.4 7.6 3.9
May 17.9 12.9 8.0
Jun 22.1 15.8 11.3
Jul 23.6 18.0 12.9
Aug 23.4 17.2 12.5
Sep 19.8 13.6 9.8
Oct 13.7 8.7 5.7
Nov 7.4 3.7 1.9
Dec 2.9 0.6 -2.0