Saint Pierre and Miquelon Flag and Meaning

Flag of Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Flag of Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Saint Pierre and Miquelon Flag Meaning

Saint-Pierre and Miquelon is a small archipelago located in northeastern North America and belongs to France.

Saint Pierre and Miquelon Overview

Population 6953
Currency Euro
Area 242 km2
Capital city St. Pierre
Population density 28.9 residents/km2

Archipelago of 2 islands off the Canadian coast of the North Atlantic: Pierre (26 km2) and Miquelon which with Langlade covers an area of ​​216 km2. In addition, a dozen small islands. Their economy is almost totally dependent on fishing.

The People: The majority are descendants of French colonists.

Official name: Collectivité territoriale de Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon

Religion: Catholic

Language: French

Capital: Saint-Pierre, 5,900 residents (2000).

Other important cities: Miquel, 1,100 residents (2000).

Government: French overseas territory administered by a general council of 19 elected members and a prefect appointed by the French government – since August 2006: Ives Fauqueur. The Chairman of the Territorial Council of the Islands has been Stéphane Artano since March 2006. Artano was convicted of fraud in 2009. The archipelago has 1 representative respectively. the French Senate and Chamber of Deputies and a representative of the European Parliament.

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