Guadeloupe Overview

Guadeloupe (France)

Guadeloupe is located in the Caribbean, at the center of the Antilles. An area of 1,780 square kilometers is home to a population of 439,000, most of whom are of African or European descent. Most of the residents are Catholic, and French is the official language, with Creole also spoken.. The currency is the euro (formerly the French franc), and the capital is Basseterre.

Guadeloupe Flag

History Summary

In 1495, Columbus arrived, and by the 16th century the Spanish ruled. In 1655 French colonialists occupied Guadeloupe, only for it to later pass to the British In 1815 it came under French rule again, and in 1946 became a French overseas province. In 1977 it was designated as a major area of France.

Economy and Culture Overview

Economy on agriculture, tourism and light industry mainly rely mainly on its development in France.

Guadeloupe Map

Guadeloupe Map

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